Great so far,but suggestions

Well done with FM6 so far,but I have a few suggestions,wants or needs.
Cockpits have awesome detail but Cockpit lighting/ exposure is too dark in general to see them and LED,LCD displays and analog gage lighting is too dark.
Engine sounds are too quiet in cockpit view and get drowned out completely during races near other cars.Puddle sounds are too exaggerated when driving through them,they should not sound like explosions!
Would like to be able to tailor audio levels more finely,engine,tires,ambiance.
Would like adjustable levels for ABS and Traction control,not just ON or OFF.Even though I rarely use them.
I know its tempting to show off the graphics but Please stop putting sun glare in my eyes in cockpit view on every other track,it’s very annoying. Turm them down please or allow us to adjust time of day like in PCARS,carried over from previous FM games.
It’ seems like I’m complaining but I’m really not,a few things changed would make a great racing game spectacular!