Graphics problem (PC)

Hello everyone. i have graphical problrm. if i turn on MSAA x2 this graphic bug disappears


about pc
i5 4460 3.2 Ghz
amd r7 360 oc 2gb (drivers18.5.1) (same problem on 18.6.1)
16 gb ram.
Win build 17134.112 ver 1803

Definitely looks like a video driver issue. This is why I stopped buying AMD cards. For years games always had these weird anomalies in the graphics (as well as my desktop)
no matter which card I used or which drivers I was running. I haven’t had a single issue since I switched to Nvidia and if there is one it’s fixed almost instantly. You could try installing older driver versions which could fix the issue (if you are running the latest drivers).

As you said it disappears with 2xMSAA can you not just leave it turned on?


What is your VRAM usage before and after using MSAA?
Could it be bumping the VRAM past the size of what the GPU has? A 2GB frame buffer can easily run out at higher resolution/higher texture settings.

It’s fine after he turns MSAA on, so that’s not the problem. Learn to read the post somewhat before replying or you’re just confusing the issue.
It only bugs out when not using MSAA 2, he turns it on, bug gone!