Graphics glitch that ruins gameplay


My first post here, and I apologize that it’s going to be a negative one.

I’ve encountered a terrible glitch that ruins the game. Here’s a clip to show exactly what I mean:

As you can see, the graphical error totally ruins my line of sight, causing me to crash. This isn’t a single incident. It glitches at the same spot every time while driving at maximum speed. 1st person view tends to bug out more, while 3rd person fairs a bit better, but it’s still there.

I’m loving the game, but please look into this and get it fixed!

I’ve had exactly the same issue and will post a link to the video later. I’ve also noticed obvious pop-in of buildings and trees. Shadows also wobble as if the game is not sure where the sun is in the sky.

Out of interest are you on the preview program?

Here a link to my video, same issue but another place on the map.