Graphic issues

nullLet’s start off by saying I’m sure this might be in here or said already but I wanna see if anyone else is having this issue. Got my hands on a series x and was excited to see the difference between this and my original xbone. To no surprise, I have a graphics issue, in a game plagued with bugs. This is the only game it happens on. Forza support is a joke, they really just want to blame my Xbox without even really taking the time to think it might be an issue on their end. I’m attaching a screenshot of what I’m seeing and let me know your guys thoughts. Once again this is only happening on FH5. All other games are fine.

Things I’ve tried : uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and deleting all other games before reinstall to install it on another part of the drive

3 different hdmi cables

Two different TV’s (I play on a monitor)

Playing with the in game graphics settings

Playing with my monitors settings

Playing offline (forza support told me to try this) made no difference.

This has been a major disappointment to say the leastScreenshot

Graphic issues

Better locations:
select your xbox and click on “Start Order” next to “Get service for your device”

Well, I’m sending my Xbox out today so hopefully it will be figured out

I have a similar issue but Microsoft don’t want to exchange the machine. They think playground are going to patch it in the coming days??? Just sick of it now.

This is what I get. Nobody else seems to be getting this so it must be the machine?

Any news?

Then you have to wait for update. If its not fixed contact them again maybe strange xbox/tv combo.
And post on ms forums there are more ppl maybe someone has seen this before