Graphic Glitch

A minor issue with graphic glitch on the Aston Martin One-77 model, during the replay video, you can see something hanging at the bottom of the One-77.

I also would like to add the Ferrari LaFerrari to the graphic glitch as well during Replay video. Here are some pictures:

As you can see clearly, the hole that goes through the back of the back light, you can see them right through (Left Side/Right Side) at certain angles during Replay video. But if you look from the outside at the side or back of the car, it looks fine.

Would like to add the 2015 Z/28 which is also pictured on the home menu on “Test Drive” is also wrong.

The ground effects and wing are the wrong color/material. They are supposed to be gloss black, not textured plastic. I would attach a picture of my car as reference if I knew how. But if you need a reference, look at the Z/28 in Horizon 2, they got it right, but not FM6… I don’t understand. Same company…

I get that it’s not going to be perfect, but with so few cars, how do you get this wrong? Your Horizon coworkers had it right, talk to them!

Just like the 95 Cobra R. FM4 the interior was right, Black and Tan, why is it black and grey now. The 95 Cobra R only came in Black and Tan (Saddle).

I have over 200 days play time, I loved this franchise, key word, loved. FM4 was the best so far. Tag was right, everything was perfect, why ruin it. The fun game modes kept it interesting.

I once noticed bunny ears on top my car and the one AI car I was driving against - it popped up at the start of the race and was visible in the replay as well. Apparently, upon zooming in, I discovered it was the driver’s seatbelt hovering over the car’s roof. Odd…

Did a hard-reset. I’ve never noticed it since.

Did they fix any of your graphic problems?

It’s been 2 months now. The Ferrari LaFerrari is still have the graphic glitch as shown above pictures. Maybe these graphic glitches during Replay are not important for Turn 10.