Graphic Drivers Not Working Intel(R) HD Graphics 530

Hey everyone—I am new here, and I came to ask a simple question.
Spent the day downloading the game, and was looking forward to playing it, but
now that I have downloaded it, and have run the app I am getting the AP301 error.
Looked it up, and it is a graphics driver error, but my drivers are up to date–is
there a workaround—tried to download new drivers already, but my computer
is saying that my drivers are up to date—have drivers Intel(R) HD Graphics 530,
and it says that my drivers were last updated 12-21-2015 —when I go to the
intel website–I see there are newer 530 drivers available, but when I try to install
them, my computer says that the drivers are already up to date.

Thanks for the help, and sorry for being annoying.

Not sure, but i don’t think that onboard / integrated gfx can handle a game like Apex. The minimal requirements are AMD Radeon R7 250X and NVIDIA GeForce GT 740.

You can try uninstalling your current intel gfx drivers first , and then try those newer intel drivers?

You will need a dedicated GPU in order to run this game, it will not run on integrated graphics. Uninstalling your intel gfx and trying newer intel drivers will not get this game to launch.

It might be throwing out that error as just a generic error. Intel HD chipsets are not within the minimum requirements to play Apex.

Thank you all for responding; I will try the other things that you suggested.

The developer said Intel HD and Iris graphics cards are supported by this game. The reason I know this is because I chatted with the Microsoft Answer Tech guy and he asked the developer who in turn said yes both Intel HD and Iris graphics cards are supported by this game.

Everybody’s wrong about Intel’s integrated graphics not capable enough to run the game. I was having the same prob and i have HD 530 too. Updating Graphic drivers solved my problem.
Latest version yet:Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.40]
Beta version:
I installed the Beta version.

Nobody said that.
The minimums have been clearly stated and they are nowhere near intel HD gfx.

There are the system requirements, there is no mention of internal graphics support as they are simply not powerful enough. Nobobdy from Turn 10 told you they support Intel HD graphics. You are either trolling or lying. Don’t. It causes issues for others.

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There were minimum requirements before the now existing minimum requirements for the beta and those specifically said Intel HD.

Yeah, and they were removed. Probably because it doesn’t run in reasonable manner.
The issue is someone may have SSD, DDR4 RAM and fast CPU with Intel HD graphics and they may get away with running at low settings. But drop one of those hardware components and suddenly it’s flipbook time.
If you can get it to run on internal graphics and YOU are happy with it, good luck to you. But after seeing it no longer listed i’m assuming Turn 10 weren’t happy with how it looked, hence it quietly disappearing.
The issue with onboard graphics is not just their power, they are on the same die as the CPU which means twice as much potential to overheat, which then causes the system to throttle and thinks get even more jerky.
If you want to run proper games, you need proper games Graphics cards. It’s not hard to work out. Just like Forza 6 is on Xbox One and not Xbox 360. You need the right hardware for the job. SOmething with a bit more power. lol

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Nope Not on the 530 iris Pro maby … not on the 530

I have Core i3 6320, DDR4 16GB, an SSD, but NO GPU!
Runs perfectly on my PC on low settings.

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The issue is NOT the Intel graphics per se - not at all.
I’m currently on a PC that has both an Intel Haswell GPU (specifically the Intel G3258) and a DX11 - not DX12 - discrete GPU that is normally the default.
Both GPUs (integrated and discrete) support DirectX feature set 11_0; however, only the Intel GPU supports DX12 (feature set 11_1).
In “hybrid mode” (used by Intel’s QuickSync - which is normally my default, as I use it for, my discrete GPU is the default; understandably, Forza 6 Apex balks at that (in fact, it spits out AP203/AP204 errors whenever a DX11 GPU is detected - including hybrid mode).

The only option is to physically remove the discrete (DX11) GPU if you plan on playing Forza 6 Apex - or replace it with a DX12 discrete GPU.

Fortunately, that IS becoming an option with the sheer number of available DX12 GPUs currently shipping at a range of prices from super-pricey to mainstream (nVidia GTX 750 and 750 Ti still command the super-cheap end of the range, followed by GTX 950/960, AMD RX480, nV GTX 970/980, AMD R9 390/390x, and nV GTX 1070. (Note that I have left out nV GTX 1060, as it is not available yet, and GTX 1080, as that is priced too high.)

Well, I have i5-6400@3.2GHz and Intel HD Graphics 530. The game runs perfectly!