Gran Turismo Is Dead, Forza is the New King

It’s sad such a great series has met such a demise. Owned all the GTs, and played the heck out of Tourist Trophy as well. Four years since Gran Turismo 6, and after many delays, GT Sport launches with ~170 cars, only 19 tracks, and no GT mode, ie buying cars and racing them and building up your garage. The focus is solely on online racing and “challenges”. Forza is the only one left of the breed. What a shame. Sony just axed one of the best exclusives Playstation ever had, and the only exclusive I actually cared about personally.

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Forza has been the King since Forza Motorsport 2.

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I don’t know. I think the Livery Editor in GT Sport is better and…it’s VERY clear that not everyone is happy with Forza 7…so…Really, i’d say Forza and GT are King and Queen. Especially now with one focusing on Car Collection and the other focusing on eSports. Two COMPLETELY different facets of racing. Plus I like Gran Turismo’s fictional tracks WAY better than most of the ones Turn 10 has come up with. I mean, All of Forza’s best fictional tracks are no longer in the game. (Camino Viejo, Almafi Coast, Test Track Infield, and the Togue course) I think GT Sports Hamogilization is better and Sport’s Vision GT cars are pretty cool and fun. Plus, GT Sport has rally. But, the real world track selection is better in Forza, the car selection is better…both have their pros and cons. But, I feel I’d STILL give them the same rating. Which I’ve been doing for the past few games.

Gran Turismo 6 was the last “Gran Turismo” game.
GT Sport is a whole new animal. Putting aside the lack of tracks and cars, they butchered the car upgrade system and career mode. The physics and graphics and driveability are still great so I will still enjoy the game but it is no longer the Gran Turismo we have know since the Playstation 1.

Honestly, it really took Polyphony Digital 4 years to release a GT game that has ~160 cars, 19 tracks and no real career mode? Even Forza 5 felt way more “complete” and that was a launch game. 3 Forza Motorsport games have been churned out in the same time frame as it took to make one half baked GT. Which is sad, because I really loved GT for what it was, a realistic driving simulator couple of car collecting the most beautiful cars in the world.

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Can anyone tell me, is GT Sport really that disappointing? I saw a few minutes of Super GT playing it, and it looked ok, but had a few snags.

Baptized Soviet has it right.

I did really enjoy the physics in GT Sport and think it’s much better than Forza in that regard. The AI are improved too but can still take you out at times. The amount of cars, tracks and lack of a proper career and upgrading are shocking for a game in development for 4 years.

I would love to have GT Sport’s physics with Forza 7’s content. As you said, the lack of content is shocking for a game four years in development. But on the flipside, the physics model in Forza has not only not been improved since Forza 5, but has been dumbed down in certain respects. Both cases are not acceptable imo.


You necro’d a 2 year old post for that?

I sometimes play GTS and it’s not bad at all. But playing with medieval controller is a big problem for me. I hope next PS will have proper FFB. Still, Forza is better in many things and if you want to race, Xbox is the right choice. I hope in some competition with the next generation.

It’s a good post and many friends told me GTS is much better. Hard to believe them if I can’t see it :smiley:

On the other side GTS is different game now than before.