gpu problem

i have an i7 4720hq with hd 4600 graphics an a 970m and everytime i run the game it chooses the hd4600 graphics instead of my 970m is there any way to change that?

Try changing the default graphics in your bios. It should give you an option like integrated graphics or Pcie. Choose Pcie and that will make your 970m the default graphics. that should fix you issue but if it doesn’t then you’ll have to change windows settings too, but try that first.

Update your NVIDIA drivers to at least release 365.10 as it’s the first one to feature the Forza Motorsport 6 Apex profile for Optimus.

@MitchyK7: no such option is even possible on pretty much all Optimus laptops as all video output passes through the Intel iGPU. The NVIDIA dGPU is never physically connected to any display.

Maybe …

Update to the latest GPU driver version.

Can you make these settings on your fancy gear ?

And maybe you want to post your full system info file …(how to)