Got the Platinum Collector Achievement. Trying to get rid of cars in auction house

If anyone wants the Platinum Collector Achievement for owning 700 cars, I am now offloading about 250 cheap cars in the coming days under the Gamertag: Heavy NTH. So if you want the achievement yourself, just search for auctions with max bid under 10000,- or my gamertag. Since there is a stupid limit of 25 auctions per 24 hours I will be selling for quite a while before i am done. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My auctions for today have ended, starting tomorrow I will have them up for the cheapest price and for 24 hours. First couple of days there will be a lot of Citroën 2CV’s

Nice! Wouldn’t that just need to be about 10 days though? 25 auctions per day, and 10 days would be 250 cars…

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Yes, if every car sold. The problem is that today i only sold 2 out of the 25, because nobody bid on them. And I still have to wait 24 hours to re-auction them. Therefore it will take some time. And that is the reason why I made this post, hoping that someone will bid on my auctions :slight_smile:

Why not just sell them straight back to the game
Do you need to auction really common cars that a lot of people wouldnt even want or need
If it were rare ones they might actually get bid on

Why not just sell them straight back to the game
Do you need to auction really common cars that a lot of people wouldnt even want or need
If it were rare ones they might actually get bid on

Just offering them to people who might like to get the achievements for collecting cars, and I’d like to get more than 100CR back per car, which is all I get if I sell them back to the game. I have paid around 10K per car, and I want at least some of it back. And I have the time to do so :slight_smile:

Btw the citroen 2 cvs were part of a dlc car pack so not likely to get any buyers on them since you have to own the pack first…and everyone who bought the pack would already have one

I’ll have a look over the coming days and try to help out by buying some from you although I don’t have mega amounts of cash I’m sure there will be a fair few that I would buy

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25 Citroën 2CV’s up for grabs with 24 hours to go from now :slight_smile:

You should get more than 100 credits per car
That would for the cars you got free
Most cars you will get half what you paid for them
Like i said the citroen 2cvs were dlc cars
Only people who own the dlc can buy them…and everyone would already own one
You picked the wrong car to load up on

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My god you are opinionated… shouldnt have to explain this any further but here I go. Someone just bought all the 25 2CV’s for 11K each, thats better than half the price or the 100CR I would get for selling them. Simple math. Since I made this post people have messaged me saying they will look out for my auctions. Everything is perfectly the way I intended this to go. And a lot of people have DLC so selling DLC cars should not be a problem as long as someone with DLC is looking out for the auctions I put up. Also I never said I only have 2CVs. In fact I am almost done selling them and I still have 220ish other cheap cars. I don’t understand your nagging about the fact that I am in the wrong for something.

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good luck
surprised you have sold them since being DLC , but you should get more than 100 credits for them as well
every car I have bought I have got half the buy price back for them

How did you end up with that many 2CVs? And who buys them? I’m curious, because I bought the car and I got given one, as did everyone else who bought it. So if everyone who can own one, does, and anyone who hasn’t got one can’t buy it at auction, what’s left?

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If you want the achievement for having 700 cars, you can buy multiple cheap cars instead of one of each car in the game. Thats what I did, and now I’m offering that to others who might want the same achievement. That is all.

Or you can just buy one of each car, to collect all the cars in the game.


I bought loads of 1977 AMC Pacer X’s then sold them back at half price.

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Really? I didn’t know that. I thought it only counted each car once. Oh well, I have 707 different cars now so I don’t need to go to the auction house again lol.


25 new cheap cars up on the auction house right now. Just search my gamertag: Heavy NTH and have a look. All of them are under 10K max bid except two Dodge Durango’s that are up for 14K.

21 cheap Honda’s under 10K max bid up for grabs in the auction house now. GT: Heavy NTH