Got the Capri FE today

The 80% finally popped and gave me the Capri FE. Gave it a paint job, tuned it a bit and have been driving it around a bit and I just don’t get what all the excitement was about it. It doesn’t drive especially excellently and it doesn’t FEEL special or make me WANT to use it regularly and the perks are just… Yeah…

So, what was the fuss about?

Answers on a postcard to the back seat of my regularly used A Class Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R please :slight_smile:


The Capri FE is pretty much a bad joke by the devs on the players.

It was only ever offered before during the week before early access (when special invite-only famous YouTubers and such got to play early), as a Grandmaster reward for ranked one month, and accidentally for a few minutes on the Forzathon shop one month. This made it one of the rarest cars in the game, so they’re hyping up that rarity to make it sounds like a super special reward to coerce players into completing the Festival Playlist (and by extension, spend more hours online and jumping through hoops to make their numbers look better).

Apparently it can be made to be quite competitive on S1 Dirt since it’s one of the few cars that uses the truck offroad race tires, but otherwise I’ve heard the same thing you’re saying from lots of people who finally got this “super special” reward.

Not impressed with how the devs have handled rare cars in this game honestly.


It’s the biggest anti climax since that 2012 end of the world Mayan thing

It will be interesting to see how the devs handle the next series given all the backlash at the festival playlist, and the ultimately unsatisfying reward for many people at the end of the whole mess.

Granted, with all the hype they tried to built up about this on the livestream and twitter, anything less than something like a fully functional transformer would probably have been a letdown.

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Seems like a pretty good car to me. Handles going off-road really good.

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I like it. Haven’t compared it with other times or cars but it’s as fun as any other.

I’m not going to try to argue that everything about this game was handled well but the only hype that i’ve seen or heard is about the rarity of this car. There are plenty of rare wheelspin cars that i’ll never even touch but the Capri FE will get some use.


I wonder what some peoples are thinking that FE Capri will be. Like wheelspin exclusive cars has showned car being rare dont mean that car is anyway special and just like most FE cars they are not that special. Capri is at least competive in dirt racing in right hands but even in dirt many will people will raither use other cars because Capri is pretty tricky one to handle at S1.


It’s the only road car in the game that has off-road tires, which makes it a neat piece to own. Altough it is a bit too light to really compete with the likes of the Raptor, Honda truck, Titan and the Trailcat.

Welcome to the world of “if one person has it I need it too” where the atmosphere is made up of 100% “well this car sucks we should have gotten something better”.


Preach it brother!:grinning:

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I managed to buy 2 Capris FEs in the AH months ago.
Therefore I didn’t bother with trying to win one, hats off to those who did win one - it seemed like a lot of work.
I guess after all that work the car may be a bit of a let down for some.

I did tune it for a long while and it really isn’t suited to anything more than Forzathons / PR stunts & exploring.
It does come with a better motor but the ridiculous tires are locked on and make the car a bit useless for most things.

Why are HE / FE cars always limited to very specific uses?
Why wouldn’t a special edition of a car come with MORE options and also have the existing ones???
Imagine this car with those Goodyear Eagle tires and the decent 5.0litre V8.

Finally why does the trunk / deck / boot lid have to be flat black? why are we forced to the least attractive paint job in history?

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It was one of the rarest cars in the game so everybody wanted to be part of the elite owners club. Now tons of people are part of that club so it’s no longer elite.


This reminds me of back in Horizon 3 when everyone was foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the John Cooper Mini, which I think wound up being the very last car made available. You’d think it was going to be the automotive Second Coming by the forum posts, but in the end it couldn’t have been a more anti-climactic finish for the game. However, this Capri (FE) sounds like it’ll at least be a useful addition to Rally Monsters.

I thought maybe it was a big deal in other markets because I’ve never seen people obsessing so much over a car. It’s like PG would send out a tweet about something totally unrelated and people just go “Capri FE!?!?” People have been wanting it well before the Playlist was implemented which I like it organizes everything.

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For me the only reason to get it was to complete the collection.


low on brakes, low on handling and lot of engine … typical FH4 “Master” car.

However I’m hyped for the M3 GTR…

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The Capri FE is a bit of a disappointment imho :smiley: Expected something better for so much effort but it’s for the collection, no big deal. I’m at ~580 cars atm.

Have to agree that with so many walls you can wallride on the general META is POWAAAAR and lower weight over grip. Think about the Hoonigan RS200 or the Speed 12.

The Hoonigan and the Speed 12 are the fastest in their class even without wallriding.

Like others have said, this was probably a sick joke that is probably a metaphor for modern day consumerism. Polish anything enough, make it VIP, exclusive and coveted, and it doesn’t matter what it is, people will want it.

The car itself is… fine… I will use it for map exploration / PR Stunts / Forzathons, since I wasn’t at all comfortable racing it at S1 900.

And yes, the M3 GTR should be a lot of fun, I am guessing we’ll see an influx of NFS Most Wanted skins.