Got a question two of them to be exact

Fh3 had skill songs as a skill perk, fh4 I can’t seem to find them anywhere.
How do I unlock skill songs?

Also how do I set my thrustmaster tmx to proper steering so it feels like driving a real car?

One of the houses you buy activates the skill songs as a perk.


Regarding the TMX wheel settings… setting the wheel is very subjective. I wanted my wheel to feel like my '12 Mustang GT. The thing is…I don’t race my Mustang so everything below 80 mph is very smooth and un-exciting. In my real car there is not a lot of force feedback coming from the wheel… even on sport setting. Real-life feedback mainly comes from the seat of your pants and the real effect of g-forces. So, having a lot of activity on the steering wheel, for me, is unrealistic. Having said that, in-game I turned vibration off and set Force Settings low, ~ 20. In Windows Control Panel, this is important, I turned Auto-Center Settings to 100% after enabling the check box “by the wheel”. The recommended setting is “by the game”, but using the in-game settings Auto-Center is almost non-existent. I could find no way in-game to make Auto-Center effective. So, this tune gives great auto-wheel-centering ( I like to take my hands off the wheel exiting turns and power slides & let the car center itself with some help from the gas pedal. This feel natural to me) and keeps a good amount of tension at all times. The low amount of FFB will give the wheel a discreet, but not overwhelming, feel when the car is cornering hard. You still have to pay attention to the visual (car angle on road) and audible feedback from the tires as your primary “feel” of what the car is doing at its limits. Another wheel setting in Windows Control Panel is the Rotation Degree found on the Test Input tab. I set this to 270 degrees. Anything beyond this involved way too much steering. There are plenty of other settings to fiddle with in-game, but I found that most don’t really matter much after the above settings are in place. Play with these settings to your preference.

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