If you wanna run the goliath with me and run under 10 mins each lap, add me. tragic dfense

My PB in S2 is 8:48.295 (currently 4th place on leaderboard) I have a forum members only club also that race around the quite often you’re more than welcome to join pal! Hit me up!

Nice! Just got a best time of 8:45.802 on Goliath is that in the top 3 times overall ?

Here is a Screenshot: https://postimg.org/image/ne4kmm81r/

I just replied to you in the other post my dude! There i explain how you can post an s2 class time!

great time! however mine was posted in a s2 class as there is no leaderboard for x classes im affraid.

Hey sorry, I’ve been busy at school. My best is 8:55.