Goliath world record on horizon 4

Did I just set a world record on the Goliath track?? I did it in 8.39.353

I ran a 8.23.011 on the Goliath, but that is with rewinding on major crashes. So not sure would you count that or not.

Nah… I set a 7.23.6 as my best lap.

what we need is some kind of way for the game to keep track of these stats, so that everyone can see them.

we could call it a “leaderboard” or “rivals”


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: what a novel idea.

it should never have been removed

There needs to be something like the speed traps or drift zones leaderboards where you can click ‘x’ to check the leaderboard.

You can check the S2 leaderboard for Goliath.

Yea but it’s in rivals mode, they also took away all the other classes just individual select ones.

No doubt they’ll introduce the Class based rivals as the game progresses, I can just see it’s part of their plan (They’re more than aware of the Forza 7 Division/Class fiasco).

My best one was 07:46 so far but it was the first lap so it’s minus 6ish seconds , and i didn’t drive very well. Probably can do a lap under 07:30 but that’s so pretty much the best i could do i guess, im not that good, but good enough i guess, just average. :smiley:

What type of vehicle is everyone using? Best I could do is 08:11 with a Senna.

I just set my fastest ever time in a Radical RXC Turbo on the Goliath against unbeatable Drivatars 5 laps, best lap was
7 minutes 39.147 seconds

That is incredibly quick for a non-modded/hacked car. Used the “F1/Speed Handling” tune andI have Don Joewon Song’s Red Bull Design on it, which suits it very well.

My lap times:

911 GT3 PO 6:49
Mclaren 720PO 6:53
MC12 FE 6:54
Sesto elemento 7:04
F50 GT 7:05
Senna 7:10
599xx 7:20
Agera RS 7:23

How in the world did you get the Sesto Elemento to that speed. I got a 7:49 and, I was moving. I just can’t see taking 45 seconds off my time. If you said 7:30 maybe I could believe that but, I need to see some proof.

Hello guys.
What are your record in the 50 laps of Goliath?

I ran a 7:35:988 in the Mosler today, drivatars unbeatable and disabled rewind function, it was a near perfect lap and only a few turns that could’ve been dialed in more.

Did I just set a world record on the Goliath track? I just did 7:06.527

My Best is a 7:37,991 with the 599XX Evo
Tuned and in awd :sweat_smile:

I drove a 6:37.982 around the Goliath a few months back is that a record?

Meanwhile I am still pursuing the record set by a friend of mine of 7 minutes, 17 seconds and 950 milliseconds

Closest I ever got was 7 minutes, 18 seconds and 100 milliseconds.