Goliath Unlock

Anyone know how you unlock the longer distance races eg Goliath, Titan etc?

I have unlocked all of the final races and it hasn’t unlocked yet. Do you get it by leveling up the road race series?

It unlocks after you are level 20 in the ‘Road Racing Series’.
Not the overall level.


For the Colossus, Gauntlet, Titan or Marathon - they unlock after you have done enough races in each series. I was about level 8 or 9 when I got them.

Goliath unlocks at road racing level 20, but you can also race it in Rivals before unlocking it in Horizon Life.


That’s annoying. Means you have to replay a bunch of races.

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You don’t have to replay the races in solo, you can race online or do some of the Rival’s challenges, race in different types/rated cars… everything counts towards your Level.


The Goliath race appears on the world map once you reach level 20 in the “Road Racing” series. For this you have to either replay road races (light blue icons) or play in Team Adventure hoping you’ll get road race playlists, or do Rivals, the choice is yours. It takes quite a bit of time but you can make it more varied by creating blueprints for road races and go at night, different seasons, cars etc. Thankfully they are the most enjoyable races in the game (no civilian traffic or annoying terrain etc.) and you can use the fastest cars to quickly complete races.

If you want to try The Goliath before unlocking it on the world map then you can go to Rivals mode and choose the route from the menu. It’s there from the beginning. Doing Rivals laps on it also counts towards your Road Racing level so it’s also not a bad method to work towards level 20 there. (I’m only 90% sure of this so if I’m wrong please correct me.) There are 2 Goliath Rivals, one with a Ferrari car and one with the car of your choice.

Please note that the Goliath achievement can only be unlocked by racing on the world map version and creating a 3-lap race blueprint there. Doing three laps in Rivals will not unlock the achievement.

It unlocks once you reach level 20 in road race series

Like many others have said, it unlocks after you level up “Road Racing Series” to level 20. It took my 3 days to do that.

Important advice: Make sure you are using a car that the perk that gives +20% influence for road racing for 10 races.

Examples of cars that have that perk: Vulcan FE, Zonda R FE, McLaren Senna. Those are the ones I used, but I am sure there are many other cars that have it.

Using a car with the right perks will really speed things up.


Been playing the game ever night since pre release and I’ve still not unlocked the Goliath track. Completed everthing in the game to do with races with full three starts but I’m still stuck on level 16 for street races is it.

Do I need to wait for another season to come in before I can get to level 20 and unlock the track.

Trying to do the extra levels online is a joke really so that’s out of the picture.


Lvl 20 road racing.

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And to elaborate a little: Unlike the star-dependent events, you can continue to get Influence simply by redoing any of the races of that type.

It’s really tedious to get to level 20 because there’s nowhere you can do long races before you unlock Goliath. I’ve been doing 50 lap races of the Moorhead Wind Farm circuit, but I think I need to do several more of them yet to get to level 20. A tuned Speed 12 is able to lap pretty fast and easily beat unbeatable drivatars on that circuit, so it’s not too stressful to just keep going round lap after lap with all the drivatars rubber banded half a lap back.

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I’m not so sure. I unlocked Goliath and I’ve done almost no road races. 4 or 5 maybe as I just love cross country.

10 laps around the Hollyrood track gives 27k influence on a mid difficulty. Even at level 20 I get the wheelspin every time. Nice easy way to level if blueprinted on summer, takes a minute a lap in the Zonda FE.

I pretty much only did the Colossus race to get me up to level 20 and unlock Goliath.

What extra influence do you get? I’m on 80% extra in the difficulty and I’m only on level 16.

Not sure how or if what your saying is true and you do it legit

Off the top of my head I think I used the Alpha Romeo FE but doing it again I’d use the Hoonigan Focus RS because there’s a perk for a a 7x multiplier, and a perk for 200% influence for 10 races. I think I was around level 15 or 16 when I started grinding it and it took quite a lot of runs. my difficulty wasn’t anywhere near 80%, maybe 30% tops.

edit: sorry, just read again, similar to someone posting above. about 15-18k influence per race.

I pretty much only did the Colossus race to get me up to level 20 and unlock Goliath. I did it in an Aston Martin Vulcan FE (20% influence boost perk plus some others in the skill tree) with all the perks/ skills tree unlocked got about 16-18k influence per race.

You can use my blueprints. I have 4 for 3 5 10 and 18 laps.