Goliath tourist

I won’t go into detail how it’s done and I’m sure most of Horizon players know already I’m curious to know what people’s thoughts are. Do you consider it cheating or just doing what the game enables you to do.

Here are my thoughts on this:

A simple update to not award XP or CR when one uses this option under this difficulty setting will fix the issue.

Now people will scream that what about disabled people and bla blah?

What devs can do is have a multiplier 0.1 x (XP & CR) just to prevent people from farming and everyone will get satisfaction to see some robot driving a car

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There are couple of strange “exploits” in some of the stories as well. 3 stars for a time of 2 mis 10 sec but it’s easily done in 40 secs. I feel some of the challenges are missing the “get back to the road” counter

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Not every “challenge” needs to be challenging. I really like the idea of a challenge time assuming you go by road and then you just go cross country. Also from an immersive perspective this is quite fun. You are allowed to ‘break the rules’.
People tend to forget that a good feeling can be part of gaming too. It doesn’t always have to be challenging or grinding or farming or all that stuff developers use to keep people playing. Come on!

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On the general concept, I agree with you 100% but here what I am trying to do, is to address the magnitude of ‘breaking the rules’. With most challenges being super easy to do at 3 star level as they are, it does not really make sense to have ‘shortcuts’ so effective, does it ? Plus we have graded scoring system, you can chill and still pass but with 1 star score and in time, most of the unearned cars / rewards will become available to get in some way or another as it was in FH4

Fair enough. You definitely have a point. However you would then have to adjust the challenge(s) to indeed force people to stay on the road or would adjust the time so you can only make it if you go offroad.

I personally really like it this way. I am a huge fan of being able to cut all corners and then not do it if I don’t feel like it. I like to decide what my challenges will be in a game. Professionally I work hard for my ‘rewards’, so when I game I like to be rewarded for doing absolutely nothing. Most of Forza Horizon is really good at this. “You get a car and you get a car and you get a car!”

I’m not interested, I play the game enough naturally to get more than enough money and levels for my taste. I’d also be too concerned about getting a reset or ban to try any glitches.

There’s a lot of impossible times in the ‘Wrestler’ story (BTW That one is really run, first one I’ve completed so far) of less that 1 second. Even with the greatest shortcut that is not a natural time!

It’s not really cheating if you’re using the features that come with the game. They’re there for a reason. Now, there are players using modded accounts and stuff, but those of us that are just grinding laps for XP or credits aren’t cheating like the other players are. If the devs didn’t want us to grind credits or XP, then they shouldn’t have put auto steering, easy difficulty, and assisted breaking in the game. But I will say it’s most likely a lazy way of playing it. And I wish people would stop calling these races “glitches” when they’re just long races using intended features.


Just a turn of phrase on my part, nothing meant by it.

Exactly, these are just accessibility options that allow more people to play the game than ever. If people want burn some electricity to earn some credits, then that’s fine.

Changing the behaviour of the earnings etc for these types of options would penalise a (very small but non the less important) section of the community.

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Agreed they’re not glitches more like exploits. People are just using rubber bands on controllers to hold pedal down and walking away for a few hours. I think it’s lazy but don’t judge players who do this. Deep down that feeling of accomplishment just wouldn’t be there for me so I choose not to do it.

Not everyone wants to grind, some players just want a couple of cars to drive around in and chat with friends, especially on gamepass where it may be a casual drop in now and then.
I have no issue with people using game features to make money if that is what they want to do.

After the HOF and fast travel, I’ve been drifting like crazy and pumping the super wheelspin perks in the Jeep to get a decent amount of cars in my garage and a float.
With the AI getting more difficult, it seems like car selection is more important and I don’t want to pay Autoshow prices for everything.

Deveolpers have built a game where 5 perk points earned in less than one minute spinning in a circle pays way better than most short races… just goes to show the focus.
Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins seem super generous 40% cash 40% cars 20% tat. It feels like they are still set to ‘Reviewer mode’.

Rare cars will be $20m or more in the AH before long, may as well get used to it.