Goliath circuit group leave issue.

I was on the 10/11 laps on the Goliath race and it forces me out of my group. I didn’t get credit for it at all. Took me and my friend an hour, I was in second place on lap 10/11, with ai set too highly skilled, my friend gets to finish an I don’t, cause it said I left the group when I clearly did not leave the group. He got 1.3million credits an levels up 25 times, but I didn’t get nothing, I want my credits and Xp I earned. This is unfair that the game made me leave my group of just 2 people.

Me and some of my buddies all got kicked off online tonight briefly. Wonder if that’s what happened to you? We were still online just got kicked out of the game party/online race/lobby

Could it possibly be something to do with this