goliath beast

hi i need a goliath beast of a car and i want a world record car

(All with Max possible upgrades, Forza downforce if it’s greater for cornering than stock downforce)
-Mosler MT900 with the racing V8 and Twin turbos
-Ferrari 599xx Evo
-Apollo IE
-McLaren F1 ( can slide a lot but extremely fast in the straights)
-Maserai mc12 Corsa

Those are some of the best. Is there one type of “world record” you want more than any other? (Aka top speed, fast corners, best acceleration) OR do you want the best generalist (which would be the Mosler I think)?

The fastest lap I’ve managed on Goliath was in the Ferrari 599 XX E

sadly i did not get the ferrari 599xx evo

Oh!! The 599xx Evo is available free of you complete this summer seasons circuit racing event! Go Go Go! Haha

Yeah for me it’s a very close 2nd on Goliath to my Mosler with the racing v8 twin turbo swapped in. But like, really close. They’ve traded places a couple times.

Check the auction for a Mosler then? They’re really common and stable.

yeah i got it and it is great i took it for a top speed run by myself and got to 319mph