GOLD WRISTBAND 500 LEVEL - some advice from experience. for how to Level Up faster.


THE REWARD? $312,000 & CHANGE. Not that much considering the 5 million award for the final level in FH1
i’m going to use this thread for some tips and tricks - all from experience in the single player mode.

So check back here for some words of not much wisdom - just how I got here in a rather short time.
Well short is around 50 hours of game play.

I’m a 70 year old player without much quickness left so I have to play smart to rise.
I use a CSR Fanatec Wheel and I played FH1 thrugh the 50 GOLD level online and won a lot of races.
This online experience so far is far short of the FH1 version IMHO
I’m also very perturbed about the evident lack of my 360 FH2 achievemnets and scored showing up in my FORZA REWARDS.
(will that happen later?_) PLEASE ANYONE with 360 is your FORZA REWARD TIER moving up with your FH2 achievements and scores?

FIRST HINT OR TRICK i wish I had figured out much earlier: TO RAISE YOUR LEVEL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE
Obviously the name of the game is to score as many XP per race as possible
In FH2 it’s more beneficial to score skill points and clean race points than to win the race.

The IT’S NOT EASY BEING CLEAN AND THE SHOW OFF Perks (just beneath the center perk and bottom right corner of the Perk board) are very important for this.
The extra 25 and 10% skill points really add up over 500 races. The free travel is important when trying to master point to point races so you can travel back to the start quickly
I do all the classes at one event so I get to know the track and I start with my most reliable and dominant car and class - ( Dirt, Rally or Sports Car) and save the toughest til last so I know the track well when I get to them.

I found that using the lower class cars in each division allows you to win more skill and clean points.
For instance in Hypercar I use the Lambo Murcielago SV 2010 at S1900 WHY?
Because the opponent cars are not X999 Hypercars and you can draft and pass multiple times during a race
For DIRT I use a Rubicon, Cult a D500 Ford F100, for Rally a Lancia Integrale HF EVO C600 - (as a rule the lower class your car the lower the opponents and the easier it is to score skill and clean.
Using the lower rated cars allows me to lay back and draft the first full lap in a circuit race passing 3 cars at a time in slingshot and then dropping back to draft and pass again
You can figure out pretty quickly which races and which cars you can use like this. I turn off all assists, race manual, and on EASY for 100% bonus points
but on EASY I can pass and drop back 3 or 4 times a race and rack up 2500 to 9000 skill points per race.
I’ve hit 9000 twice 8800 a couple of times and many scores of 5000 and above - average around 3000 to 3500
This almost always works on the circuit 3 lap races and for about 65% of the point to point events.
The longer races with long fast straights are more difficult because the opponents tend to run away from you too fast.

This Skill and Clean points deal makes FH2 Bizarre and counter intuitive.
Instead of racing flat out to take the lead and hold it you have to drop back allowing yourself to be passed and do that repeatedly.
The slower you start out a race the slower your opponents drive on EASY - that allows you to pass and draft for 2 full laps and more on circuit races.

I was surprised to get the ALL YOUR RACE BELONG TO US achievement prior to mastering every event at FH2 -
I think I got it for mastering all of the events in Amateur OR Pro.but not all 480 events
at this point I’ve mastered 400 of the 480 races and I got the SELLOUT achievement for completing all of the sponsored events. I have mastered 38 or the 48 events.

I hope the tip on how to amass more skill points is helpful to those of you trying to LEVEL UP to get the GOLD Wristband Achievement.
I think Silver Wristband came at 300 Level or maybe 350 - It’s a long hard run from Silver to GOLD in this game.

Any questions I’ll be happy to share what I can.


No questions… yet. Just a big THANKS for the tips.

Forza rewards are currently not supported for the 360 edition of FH2

Thanks for the tips this was a very good guide for 360 users. One thing I found out the hard way was not to upgrade the hypercars to X999. If you do the AI become almost impossible to beat even on easy difficulty. I had to sell my X999 La Ferrari because it just did not have enough acceleration or top speed. So then I bought a Venom GT which was not bad, but hard to control on the dirt and bumpy roads. Now I just use the stock Veneno which has worked for me since it is AWD. I am currently working to complete the 480 events and only have about 100 down. I was hoping there was more unique races in the game instead of just 48 races. Basically you must grind the same 48 races 10 times for each car class for 100% completion. This is basically the only way to earn money on the 360 since there is no big payout for being the champion.

70? Damn that’s awesome, props to you. Nice tips also.


You don’t think you could’ve leveled up faster by driving back to the start and earning more skill points in the process?

CrunchyTX - maybe I don’t understand your question completely, but in the 360 version there is no opportunity to get XP just driving back to the start point of a point to point race from the end point. The only way to amass XP is during the race so the sooner you get racing the quicker you start to gain XP. I do get that being more familiar with the track is good but retracing the track in reverse isn’t the same. I think the repetition of the same track 10 times for the different race classes is a much quicker way to learn the track and gain XP - and you can always run the same race again and again to amass more XP while you learn the track.

Non-race “skill points” in free drive don’t seem to add to the XP totals for leveling up on the 360 version - at least not so I can tell.

SO from my perspective the answer to your question is NO. Driving back instead of using free quick travel seems to me to be a waste of time that could be spent racing to both learn the track and gain XP to level up.

Well written mini guide old timer. ; ) im just a young pup of 51…

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Actually I just earned the silver wristband today. I had hit level 250 on the Xbox 360. I think at this rate, the gold wristband will be at level 400-500.

No offense but if you managed to read the last 2 pages of posts on this forum, you would’ve found at least 2 topics dealing with this (including allegations of cheating and other legal tips to rank up). 500 is Gold indeed.

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Can you be positive on ANYONE’S post? I bet you’re loads of fun to be around. I’ll go back to my post and remove the cheating word so you can sleep at night. Yeesh.

As for the OP, thanks for posting the tips. I already use these because I know how scarce money is in FH2 360, but there isn’t much helpful info for 360 guys so I’m sure many will be appreciative of your time here. Oh, and the fact that you’re doing this at 70 is awesome!


I play XB1, so can’t use this info, but wanted to say:

Well done, Aurabass! Excellent post, full of well-thought strategies and useful stuff. We need more helpful folk like you around.