going from xbox one to xbox series x

I had originally pre-ordered FH5 for xbox series x.

I do not yet OWN an xbox series x and I don’t know if I will soon.

I’m trying to decide: buy the series x version in hopes I’ll get the console soon, or just give in and get the xbox one version which I can play now.

My question is:

If I start out on xbox one, can I move my progress to series X when I finally get the newer console?
If I buy DLC for the xbox one version, will it carry over when I move my progress to series x? Or would I be asked to buy the DLC twice over?

I’m assuming there’s no free series x upgrade for xbox one purchasers.

There is only one Xbox version, if you buy it then it works on any Xbox One or later (Series) console.

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So you’re saying an xbox series X disc will play in an xbox one, at lower quality?

Or that if I buy an xbox one disc, I can pop it in to an xbox series x later and port my progress?

The game is tied to the usertag, not the console.

Playing on xbox one, xbox one x, xbox series x makes no difference, other than what the game ‘looks’ like because of the hardware able to run it.

While there may be ‘some’ companies who think it’s a good idea to charge people for old and new gen consoles, ‘hopefully’ most of them have been kicked up the butt enough to stop them doing that kind of snidey rubbish!

The game uses smart delivery. If you buy a physical copy this will work on both the xbox one family of consoles as well as the series of family of consoles.

You may need an internet connection to download some assets (such as high resolution textures) but the disc itself will work across the consoles listed above.

Which ever console you put the disc into, will detect which bits of the game to utilise / download ensuring you get the best version capable of running on whatever console you are using. This is what smart delivery does.

No need to buy two versions of the game, or upgrade anything. When you pickup the game you will see it will have Xbox One and Series S/X listed on the both for confirmation along with the smart delivery logo.

Hope that helps, enjoy the game!

Edit: both dlc and progress will also carry across. Just ensure that your save data is saved to the cloud. It should automatically do this provided your console is connected to the internet.