Has anybody noticed any glue-like sections of road? I have encountered a few - where you are driving at reasonable pace and the car suddenly grinds to a halt - there’s definitely one in the canyon section. I noticed another at the main festival site too. Or is it just me?

I just have server “glue”.

When you get or are about to get disconnected from Horizon Life, your car will suddenly come to a dead stop, as though it were idle. It’s happened to me a few times. Once, it happened while I was in mid air, flipping upside down, and I suddenly respawned on the ground. So it sounds to me like that’s what’s happening to you.

They had this same bug in fh4. So far I’ve had my car just randomly stop in the desert, the woods, on roads and even on the railroad tracks. Seems like all they done was take the basic broken foundation of fh4 and built a “new” game around it.
And they even added the nitrous hack to the AI for extra enjoyment.

Yes, occasionally an immediate halt.

There was also a platform in the jungle that I was stuck on for a minute or two before breaking free.

No server related at all? That’s scary.

Correct, at least there was no message about connections. This morning I had just done the daily 250mph challenge. It happened where the road narrowed to 2 lanes.

Had this a few times, The car suddenly stops for no apparent reason.

This has happened to me several times today while finishing off PR stunts. Very annoying.

You don’t always get the message right away. It takes a few seconds. But it happened to me twice tonight. The car came to a sudden halt as though it was never moving in the first place, and maybe 20-30 seconds later, I get the disconnected notification.