Glitching in Tag-Virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when will turn10 fix all that glitching that is going on on tag-virus.
people are waiting long time in lobby’s to join ! if they can join and if you can almost every lobby has one or
more players that are glitching out of the track.
and my second point

when is there a new track coming for tag-virus. it is getting super-bored on that glitchy test-track.
and why is the auction-house still not working.?

turn10 please fix the glitching in tag-virus.
and give us top-gear on tag-virus.

thx gd

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You could’ve searched for one of the many threads on this and posted in there.

There is no auction house and there is no mention of it in game. There is a marketplace which will likely be a central place to look at DLC.

For example, peggle has the same kind of icon that still says coming soon as well.