glitches that need to be fixed!!!

Ever since last week when the new DLC came out including the Bugatti EB110 I’ve had some issues w/ my Xbox 1.

I herd the EB110 is one of the fastest cars so I upgraded it and went to download a tune(I suck at tuning xD).Upon selecting download a tune, the game froze and crashed on me. I’ve done this several times to make sure it wasn’t a one time issue. Avery other car car I am able to download tunes from but not this car.

Secondly and lastly I ran into a issue w/ the 2015 Mustang. I was trying to make a rs3 tune and I was trying to put on the supercharger on the default engine to replicate the IRL car. For some reason when I select it, it won’t install, but if I select the turbochargers it’ll install.

Thank you for reading this and I hope this gets fixed soon.

The Bugatti issue is known but the devs. I saw one of them post somehting in another thread.

With the supercharger issue you can try downloading another tune that includes the supercharger you want in the hope that it fixes the glitch.

The only other known solution is to buy a new version of the car and buy the suprcharger you want before doing anything else. The new car will then hopefully not get the glitch.

The Mustang sounds like the known (and yet unsolved since FM3 is it) aspiration glitch.

Sadly you can now only use the default engine and whatever aspiration the tune you downloaded came with. There is however a work around. BEFORE you download any tune - if you are unsure of what the build is and you don’t want to risk this bug - you can buy every engine swap and every aspiration swap (for every engine) for that car. Sure it costs some credits but it beats having to buy a half dozen extra cars on the chance that each one glitches out and the builds were all different.

I don’t know why the aspiration glitch followed the franchise from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox 1 but it has. On that note, ever since I started building and tuning my own cars, I’ve only been hit by the bug twice. Once when I downloaded Eduardo’s tune knowing it had a turbo swap and forgot to buy the turbo ahead of time, and once when I downloaded my own tune from the storefront and then went to change the build. It happens, but shouldn’t be too often.