Glitched achievements?

Hi guys.

Firstly I am sorry if this thread has been posted elsewhere or previously, on Storm Island I have 2 achievements that have not unlocked.
First one is to win all the championships on Storm Island and second one is to win all Gauntlet events. I have been waiting for these to pop up for 2 days now.

Has anyone had this issue or am I missing something?

Many thanks.

I have had this happen twice, not with Storm Island…I would unlock the cheevo one day, then 4 days later I get notified I did it. Maybe it’s on time delay, holiday, lunch, or something.

The Gauntlet events counts for the All Championships one - what does the progress bar in the Achievements apps say the % is?

Same here, it stucks at 83% but i won all Gauntlet Events on Storm Island.
Any Chance to get it uocked?