GLITCH Saleen S1 Auctions - 0 Bid 0 Buyout

Went to grab an S1 in the AH and there were plenty of them there
all show
0 credits bid
0 credits buyout

Too bad they aren’t really free


Funny thing for me is the fact, that some are trying to sell this car while the glitch is even on the selling side.

And more funny is the fact, that the higher the tuning level of the S1 you want to sell is, the lower is the possible buyout price tag.

I wanted to sell my double S1 tuned with AWD and some small things to S1 900 and got an maximum buyout of 39 000 (!) - the untouched S1 I already owned before this season would offer a maximum buyout of 55 000. But both start values were 0 credits so I did not put one of those to the auction house at least.

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I observe the same problem, but no one does anything, no one cares.

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Forza Horizon 5 is out. :frowning:

Sadly I have came across issues, and when I Google some of them they are from 2018-19, and still exist in game.

I have only played a little over a month, but basically have the game almost destroyed, and think I will just move on to 5 since I own it already.

I can’t get a ranked session for drifting, or team games to complete that Star Card, but I see so many still playing 4. (ALL Star Cards almost done!)

Explain to me why the Mclaren F1 GT can be sold on AH. for a higher bid & buyout than the original price. Why would you design the game like that, and to all the people who have that car on AH. right now trying to take advantage of new, or un-informed players who should know they can just go buy it for millions less right from the car show just shows what type of people you are. Trash! EDIT: (Don’t say upgrades,… those are a few hundred thousand max.)


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Right, it’s the games job to protect people from themselves. Nobody bares any responsibility for their own actions.

All good either way since I’m not stupid enough to fall into that trap.

Kinda annoying to have to go price check every damn car first. Be simplified if the max buy out was the same as the sale price of the car, or maybe slightly higher because of tunes & designs, but those are worthless to me.

Not a big deal, maybe it’s better this way actually since it’s more realistic like real life where people rip people off daily also,…

I’m guessing ur a seller! :slight_smile:


You will pay a lot more for a McLaren F1 in an auction now than you would have new. But also people flip hyper cars IRL like that as well in short time. There was a big scandal about John Cena doing it if I recall correctly. XD

The fact that a new game has been released does not mean that the old one is no longer important and you can score on it. Moreover, it is not completed and has bugs.

They sell a product for money.
The promised functionality should work in full.

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FH5 has the same Auction House “problem”, of buyout prices there being higher than the auto store.

But even with that, some sellers set the initial price low, so it’s worth trying to get a car at a lower price than the auto store.

Unfortunately some people do a last minute snipe at the buyout price, preventing others from getting a car cheap. I’m not sure if those snipers are just not bothering to check that they could buy the car cheaper in the auto store, or if they’re keeping the Auction House prices higher.

I’m assuming that that those who pay 20 million credits for a car that is available for considerably less in the auto store, are doing it as a favour to the seller, though I’d assume that if you have the ability to sell at 20 million, you earn enough credits through downloads/uses/likes etc. I don’t know, just speculating. Either way, it doesn’t really bother me.

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