Glitch? Knocking down fences resets skill chain, and doesn't count as wreckage?


This has been happening to me every race I do here. its a custom race, up and down the motorway/highway to earn influence points and credits.

I almost smashed by skills point score… I had 1.1 million skill points and I was going to get 1.5 million plus if it wasn’t for this.

Racing normally but then as soon as i hit the fence, it deems it as a crash and the skill chain gets reset… I should have got wreckage points for this. This has been happening for weeks, but more so this week since I have farming skill points and credits.

I have even got the perk where you get one free crash… so one crash your skill chain doesnt reset, second crash this does. This perk I find does not work fully. If you crash at high speed (over 200mph) then your first crash resets the skill chain… this is a massive issue as I sometimes rely on this for a safe guard… can this be fixed please?

This has also happened to a plant when I crossed over a roundabout too, I have learned to slow down when going over this roundabout to avoid that one plant.

I have recorded some recent captures in the same race so this can be seen as an issue (these were recorded on my mobile phone as onedrive takes too long to upload to. See links below:

Can anyone tell me what is going on here please? Or if its functionality, please advise why?



Thanks for this information and videos, we’ll look into the issue.

Please make sure you also submit a ticket here

It happens with light cars like the Speed 12 a lot. Low walls, guardrails, lightposts…

Happens to me too. Sometimes the Combos breaks for no reason.

Its pointless to do scores over 500k
Skill points max out at 500k with maximum 10 skill points
Any more is just wasting your time

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