glitch: Climbkhana driver gear keeps new-status


small glitch that I have found. The Climbkhana driver gear that I have received as VIP (or pre-order Hoonigan bonus? Don’t remember) keeps the “new” status.
Everytime I check my driver gear, the Climbkhana gear has new status. I have worn it, I remove the new status everytime I select it but it keeps coming back.

Just wanted to report this as we all know the developers read the forums. Hopefully to be fixed in a future update!


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I reported the same thing last week and some else said they were seeing then too. Seems like its not an isolated incident but probably way down the list.

I can certainly understand it’s not an urgent issue. tbh there are other things I’d like to see fixed first, but as long as they’re in the loop… :slight_smile:

Happening to me too. It seems all the DLC suits do it, as my Gamestop and whatever the suit that came from the Virtual Key things is do the same thing.

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Same for me. And it annoys me more than it should.

thats true and should be fixed