Glen Rannoch Hillside Sprint times

I guess I’m just obsessed with this race, but SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY, IN ANY 900 CAR, CANT I RUN THIS UNDER 2:27??? I can’t even do it using rewind. I see times racing online like 2:20 in the 05 Ford GT or 2:23:5 in the ATS GT and it’s just not possible! What am I doing wrong/not doing? Manual no clutch, ABS on.

Use M+C and turn off ABS may help, depending on the car. I can’t speak for that particular track off the top of my head.

edit - nope looks like people are setting fast times in the Ford GT with M and ABS on so ignore me.

Could this not just be a follow up to the OP’s previous article about this exact course:

For clarity, there are four main reasons why you might be slower than someone else in the same car:

  • They are using a better tune/build than you - unfortunately, the game doesn’t let us see what build people are using to do Rivals times but there can be vast differences between times set with different tunes for the same car;

  • They are benefitting from running less assists. Manual clutch may give a significant advantage over Manual with some builds - although less likely to be the case in S1 class compared to lower classes. Turning off ABS is also quicker in theory;

  • Their set up is better than yours - I haven’t seen any evidence but generally it’s felt that a top PC build can be quite a bit quicker than an Xbox; and

  • They are simply better drivers.

There is no way of really knowing which of these it is. All you can really do is compete against your own time, changing the settings around, and see what works best for you.

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I just had a look in rivals and I struggle myself to get 2:26 (in a Bugatti EB110). I see Jezza has done 2:23 in the Ford GT. Basically to get that sort of time you need to be a very good player and have a suitable car and tune.

Man, I’ve tried all of that, even using tunes that drivers used to set those times. I just dont get it. The best I can do is keep up through the 1st 2 turns and then they just take off like they have 100+ more HP in reserve. Regardless of car/tune/build every 900 I dive on that track finishes between 2:28 and 2:32 even if I drive perfectly. I’ve rewound every turn to perfection and I still can’t keep up

For example: I know someone who did this race in 2:20 in the Ford GT with Grandma Driving “USA, USA, USA” tune installed. I tried that tune and that time was literally physically impossible for me to achieve.

I’m going to try that myself now, you’ve piqued my curiosity.

edit - first try I did a 2:27.5 which is 1.5 seconds slower than the Bugatti, also with a Grandma Driving tune. It launched a bit quicker but other than that I couldn’t keep up with my own ghost.

I could improve no doubt, but anything remotely like 2:20 would be impossible for me also.

Curious here as well. I’m not amazing but I usually pick up a win here and there in the Trials. Might give this a shot tonight. If I don’t report back I did real bad.

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Lowered my best time to 2.21.6. I still don’t really know the course so my gear changes were off and I suspect I could break 2.20 with a bit of practice. Something around Exquiztt’s 2.19.5 is about what I think I could do if I spent an hour or so on it.

I’d love to know how No3InGame has done 2.17.797 in an S1 879 drift Viper!

May I ask what tune you used? I just tried a Rocklxd tune and improved to 2:25.3. Still not great. I suspect this is one of those tracks I’m destined to not be competitive on. (Though in a typical online race this is enough pace to be competitive usually, sometimes very much so.)

learned a long time ago that i can compete with the top guys in online races but when i comes to rivals i have no chance!! their corner entry and exit carry so much more speed because they are so smooth with the steering input they just pull away out of any corner.

I tuned my ATS GT to S2934 around 830HP with race weight and race tires full width and did it in 2.23.5. I kept HP but downgraded to stock tires stock front width and stock weight to make it 900 and tried again, couldn’t top 2:28

Jezza14, I don’t know how you do it. My cars just won’t go that fast in AWD at S1900

Jezza14; how fast are you going before you hit the brakes before the bridge (I think that’s top speed on the track) to make it in 2:21? I suspect that is where I lose time

I tried your ghost, I can’t build an AWD S1900 05 Ford GT on race tires that will keep up with you into the 1st turn.
910 HP and it’s behind the whole time

Didn’t have it saved but just checked and it looks like it’s Rocklxd’s tune I’m using on my main GT05 (or if not one with an identical build!)… Just tried Grandma’s tune and ran 2.23.1. I think 2.20 is possible with that tune but it would have to be run to near perfection as it loses a lot of time on the straights compared to the power tunes.

Edit - improved to 2.22.1 with Grandma’s tune with some small errors.

Might also be worth trying xHiRaAx’s 953hp tune. Don’t know the name but he’s from the 1% club so I suspect it will be decent.

I did a 2:24.7 with the Rocklxd tune, also tried the above which needs too high a level of precision and skill to make work (the 1% moniker applies aptly here, if not 0.1%).

Know what I get with each of those tunes? 2:30 and more frustrated. I give up.
I’d pay for airfare just to see someone do this track in 2:20 with one of my cars on my Xbox. Anyone wanna see Atlanta…

Don’t give up! This is a tough course to be fast on. Make sure you have traction control off if you don’t already. Try racing your own ghost as it may help see where you can gain time. I raced your ghost before, you weren’t doing anything wrong, it will just be a case of shaving a few tenths off here and there, which will add up to seconds at the end.

By coincidence I played a few matches of unranked free-for-all and encountered xHiRaAx this evening, what are the odds?

(He and his 1% buddy beat me well in other races, it was wet and I was using an absurdly fast tune, it was fun.)

How random! No3InGame is very very quick so good wins even with the car advantage.

I nudged my best time down to 2.20.4 using the GT05 but further gains would be slow and painful to get below 2.20. There wasn’t too much wrong with that run.

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I just tried it with my go-to S1 car, the EB110, using my own tune, and did 2:22.0. I see there is a 2:18 on the leaderboard with the EB110. The track is pretty tricky, there are places where you can lose a large amount of time if you don’t nail every aspect of a corner - the perfect turn in point, the perfect line through the apex to just miss the wall, and the perfect speed such that you run just a fraction short of hitting the wall on the exit.