Give us credit for Arcades and the Expedition daily we could not complete

Would have had 100% series if I could have completed those things. That’s all I am missing. I managed to do Arcade in summer. Could not complete after 20-30 tries in Autumn and Winter. No one could do the Expedition daily. Not right to punish us for your mistake.


The expedition one I can agree with but Arcade no, I’m sorry but even though the complaints about the mode were valid there was always a solution and it was given multiple times on here, if people chose to point blank refuse to take it then their own choice is why they didn’t complete an Arcade.


Wdym? Due to the game servers Horizon Arcade was nearly impossible. Even if you had a club convoy there were so many issues that could stop you from completing arcade.

I don’t want them giving me anything, but I do want a fair chance to earn it. With all the teething problems going on after launch some allowances should be made as clearly a lot of the issues could be solved with some rudimentary testing.

They can’t go back but they can give credit somehow. I don’t see any other way unless they reopen a previous season which they never have.

100% season? LOL, I’m just an ordinary player who usually manages to get the cars but I’ve just realised I’m going to fall 4 points short of getting the McLaren because the game is so broken I can’t get the points in categories like the Arcade/Forzathon that I used to. If I’d had a fair shot at the Arcade I’d easily have the points I need but the game is so broken yes, they should give us the credit.

Boosting this, I would’ve 100%d the season if not for the expedition and story mission daily, really demoralizing.


With the latest update they changed the series requirement from 247 to 263 points, because the rivals event wasn’t being calculated properly.

So they are able to change the points requirement, so, if T10/PG wanted it, it could still display as if you completed the series.

The question is: Will they?

Looking at the ingame messages, the development team seem to expect us to show some understanding for all the release troubles.

I would argue that they should show us some “understanding” in return, and lower the 100% requirements whilst they are still buggy.


Does that mean yesterday some could get min meet max but not today? I will try later.

Yes, on TrueAchievements there are people that have been denied the ability because they waited for the fix.

I am True Achievement website and a lot of players got the Achievement yesterday as it only needed 247 points. Today with the update you now need 263 with broken daily challenges. The only one I couldn’t do is the expedition challenge as I had completed them all so I am screwed. Finished with this broken game.


They won’t do anything, Think anyone at playground games gives a dam they’ve got what they want ££$$

so when are those 1000FP of compensation dropping then,

1000FP like throwing a man dying of thirst an empty glass

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The Expedition challenge changed from “Expired” to “Completed” for me after the patch, but it didn’t give me the 1 point for it, which sucks as that leaves me 1 point short on completing the season with no way to get it.

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Explorer is show as completed for me, but No point given. Riveting is still showing as incomplete, even though I completed it several times.


Doesn’t even show as completed for me, I hope they manage to fix this in time

15 gb patch and i still can not connect to ANY online activity, i’m not able to get any car because i can’t get enough points.

Need more information. PC or XBox. If PC what does the XBox Console Companion say about connectivity on the “Settings” page. If you’re not connected there then you won’t be able to do anything online in the game.

BTW if you’re on a PC then getting your “Teredo” settings right is critical for online play. The default settings will cause lots of connectivity problems.

my xbox app shows connectivity with no issues.
about teredo can you point me in the right direction?