Gimmicky lap times

What’s up with all the top lap times?

When I watch the top lap time replays the top 20 are nearly always

  1. Old cars
  2. Clutched like a [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D], as in accelerator held down and clutch held down a long time to give a weird sounding gear change
  3. People taking stupid lines
  4. Car tunes that are stupid- max softness/hardness suspension at either end, nothing like a real car

I love forzas realism but the top lap times are often 5-10 seconds faster than is possible with a normal race setup. Same was forza4, why isn’t turn ten addressing these glitches?

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Some people will do what ever to be on top, no matter what it takes. All you can do is find like minded people to race against.

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5-10 seconds is stretching it a bit, tuning and a good setup can gain you a second or so maybe. I got within 2seconds of a top time in a rental car the other day. I don’t see ‘stupid lines’ in replays? That would suggest forza hasn’t got the realism right? Surely?

  1. Ever heard of a resto-mod? The cars age doesn’t really matter if you got the money in real life. Granted forza allows you to take it a bit farther, but you have the same freedom with new cars.

Just because the top 20 are covered by a few cars, it doesn’t mean newer cars are slow. Heck a stock holden in C class can do quite well, as too the Genesis.

  1. Replay sound glitch. Same thing occurs in FM4.

The players don’t lift when upshifting; however, if they were holding the clutch for long periods of time they wouldn’t be in the top 20. All are clutch+shifting in a fraction of a second.

  1. You cant be serious, right? Lmao. Learn to use the full track and take lines that are optimum for the car. Racing 101 buddy.

  2. Huh? I’ve never seen a tune that extreme and I’ve seen quite a few #1 and top 20 tunes. The biggest difference I’ve seen was over 300lbs and that was because the car had an odd shape.

The top times aren’t glitched. Ran a top 20 the other day and have another tune (with no crazy settings) that’ll get me top 15 if I would stop making dumb mistakes.

By stupid lines, I mean they run way off the track, smashing loads of witches hats etc., run off the side of the pit lane and rejoin the main straight missing the solid Armco pit barrier by 10cm…

The track I’m playing is yas marina…the top times run right off the track past the normal racing line, taking ridiculous lines.

I get the retro fit thing but these guys use 2-3 gears. In real life when you do track days you don’t use gears 1-3 only.

To the posters loling, laugh it up, if you tracked your own car or watched yas marina replays you’d understand.

What’s wrong with barely missing armco? Professional drivers do it all the time, including in F1. At the Canadian GP there’s a wall known as the Wall of Champions, which F1 drivers swing very near at high speed. They try to get within millimeters and occasionally scrape it. The fastest, most competitive lap times require it, and if you play it safe you’re slower than everyone else.

Not the side barrier. It’s the Armco dividing the pit and the straight. They miss the strip by driving on the pit side then swing left. Missing the tip of the Armco by cms.

Nothing like f1. F1 there’s a painted line you’re not even allowed to put a tyre on.

Like I said you might want to watch the actual replays before spouting off.

Your previous post was interpreted in general terms rather than just being about the final turn at Yas.

Yes people cut the final turn at Yas and you have the choice to follow suit or not. I did it once and regretted doing so. The Yas issue is more an issue for the devs to deal with than gamers though.

Watch the fastest laps at monaco. Im surprised theres not more accidents. Mm from the barriers at nearly every corner.

Most of the top tunes I’ve tried have a very floaty light front end (often max softness) and gears so long you only use 1-3. On a drag car that’s realistic, not on a small 4 cylinder c class car. Most track cars in real life are very tight at the front end - you don’t buy adjustable coil overs with 30 settings just to put the front rebound as mushy as wet weetbix

I love forza but like someone above said, someone finds weird setups and run way off the road smashing cones all over the place doing anything to be on top

In racing you use what ever makes you faster.

This isn’t real life, this is Forza an arcade game. Those weird whacky replays where players run into cones etc. In a replay those get reset to place of origin and in game the player has most likely already taken them out and not there. But because the replay resets the cones, the player appears to be running into them and using a bizzare line, even though in the actual lap in-game, they’re not there. Hope that cleared it up a little.

Never seen a C class tune like that. Most don’t need a race transmission. The only ones off the top of my head that do are the hondas but they aren’t running long gears like that. And the ones using the rally motor are only using 4th-6th and maybe 3rd on an odd occasion.

What cars are you talking about man? I’m totally confused. I know the uber fast tunes usually have really responsive turn in but I’ve never seen it from max softness. The physics have changed a good bit since fm4, so maybe that’s what you’re feeling?

Yes, Yas is a joke. Since the game allows it, people will do it. I do it in hotlap but avoid it during racing. Hopefully they fix this in the next forza. This has been pointed out many times. I don’t know many people who respect that track; especially with what you can do online to cheat.

To the OP it sounds like you need to learn to drive faster and choose quicker lines. Alot of people don’t lift off the throttle when they use manual w/clutch which is why there’s a higher over rev sound between gears.
In regards to old cars being on the LB, most of the old cars have the 5.7L V8 swap and most cars in the game with that motor swap become a LB contender with that engine.

Go watch replays from PTG Greeksniper, then you will see some fast driving. He has Top 100 times on most tracks in most classes

Have you watched a top 20 lap time at yas marina?

Thanks for the replies but you’re just rehashing. I know what good driving lines are. I’m saying people on yas marina are using gimmicky methods to get top times. Driving completely off the track through cones should count as a bad lap.

Yes, it should, but at Yas, it doesn’t. You can either drive it clean or go over to the dark side. The choice is yours.

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Besides the pits entrance, YAS is a pretty demanding track to stay clean. Mp other hand.

Yas Marina allows for some very odd lines due to the track limits being set strangely in the game - and has been complained about for a year now (especially in MP). If that line works, it works simple as that - doesn’t mean it isn’t “gimmicky”, just a way to get a faster time.

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  1. If it was new cars people would still complain. The art is finding which car is best within a PI limit, new/old matters not.
  2. Its a game, staying on gas for gear changes is quicker.
  3. At Yas there is an opportunity people take. On all tracks the top times find the boundaries of the track according to the game and use them.
  4. The tunes are not stupid - they just make the most of the “games” physics. Sure they would not work in real life but this is not real life.

And point 5 added by me

  1. The developers can change it if they want but will it change the leaderboards? I doubt it. Corner cutting aside the simple truth is some people just know how to be quick. The same people are quick in the rivals events with untuned cars.
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Also how is there a Ferrari 675 rated at the top of the 400 drag leaderboards?