Gifting expensive cars still an option?

Just getting a little more game score out of fm4, there’s the achievements for 5 most expensive cars, and every Ferrari from disc 1. I havent done a check list for the Ferrari achievement, I have several, mostly the newer stuff.

My main goal here is to see if anyone would gift 4 of the 5 most expensive cars. For the driver level 30, unbeknownst to me, I apparently select the Shelby cobra coupe, so I don’t need that one. There’s 3 Ferrari’s and an Austin Martin.

If anyone would be willing, it’d be appreciated. I’d gift them back after achievement popped. I don’t even know if gifting still works… Messages are hit and miss lately, but I was able to grab my last three weeks Forza rewards tonight.

I think this still working… I didn’t select the shelby, I got the Ferrari…I need to do this achievement too

It seems to still be working, I just gifted Talby71 a car to test it. Unfortunately I’d deleted my original game save 7 years ago after getting 995/1000 Gamerscore on it an have no intention of buying/renting a Kinect to complete it. I’ve also got 2000/2000 pts for the game in the Forza HUB so not really any need to continue from my new LVL 7 save. I seem to have gained a level in 1 race so I could always try and get up to LVL 30 again. On TA its not one of the unobtainable achievements so it should still work


I can help you if you want no prob, i have the cars you need for the achievement. Just add me as friend (needed to be able to offer car) and i will send them to you. :wink:

I tried to help the OP on this a couple of days ago but couldn’t Gift him the cars because they said the were locked and couldn’t be gifted or auctioned. I cannot for the life of me remember what causes this, in fact I don’t even remember where I got the cars from originally, but am leaning toward they must have been gifted from Turn 10, which is the reason they are locked.

LatotheX : Yep exactly, if the cars are gifts, you cannot offer them to someone, you have to buy the cars from the dealerships or auction house. :wink:

Coolrunner, do u have unicorn car to sell? Only to do the achievement…

I was given a 1,000,000 CR SSC Ultimate Aero by my friend just 5 months ago. i changed the design and everything. the car was also upgraded so the value was around 1,001,025 CR. i also just recently gave him my 2,000,000 CR Acura ARX-01B. if anyone has a Shelby Cobra or Ferrari 250 that they don’t want. i will be more than happy to have it.

No i have not… :confused: started the game too late tho have just only one… sorry xGuigenx…if i had i would have shared with pleasure… :confused:
but i can give you the 5 expensive cars to have the achievment if you want :wink:

Ah ok… I did this achievement… 5 expensive cars and all Ferrari too…thanks.