Gift Cars question

I started playing this game shortly after Christmas. After a couple of weeks, I did a data reset on FH3 to restart from the beginning. Doing this apparently removed all the gift cars from my profile. Obviously it removed them from that instance, but I had thought that since they were gifted at certain intervals as the game progressed the first time, that they would be gifted again after the reset, but this never happened. Were the gift cars a one-time thing or is there a way to reset those? Honestly, I don’t think I lost anything major. There was the XBox-themed F150, the Christmas Sweater Holden, the Lambo that I would have to get the VIP package to purchase and maybe one or two others. So no great heartbreak if there is no way tobget them back (I actually got the F150 and Holden back during the Auction House Forzathon). I am mainly asking so I can forewarn others in my family (or advise them if there is a way to reset the gifts). I did a search on this but only got results where players had lost data and were wanting various cars/credits back. This is obviously not my case. I knew I was resetting my data, I just did not know I was losing access to those freebies.


Yep gift cars were a one time thing
As well as loyalty rewards…you only get them sent once also

Okay, I kind of figured, but wanted some sort of verification. Sometimes there’s a hidden feature to completely reset an account or profile. Thanks.