Gift Car gone

Turn10 help! I was downloading today’s Lamborghini gift car from the Rivals competition and it stopped, saying it cannot download the car and the game crashed back to the Xbox dashboard. I’ve checked my garage and the message center and the Lambo isn’t anywhere to be found!!!

Well, I somehow got a second one today. If I could I would gladly gift it to you. But, I’m sure Yours will either turn up after a reboot, or Turn 10 will sort it out.
Good luck


I appreciate the sentiment. Still nothing in game and nothing from T10 :frowning:

I’m sure that is frustrating. I wish I knew more about Xbox One. I hope someone notices this and helps you out.


This happened twice to me before, once with a Halo livery and once with the recent VIP BRZ livery. There’s unfortunately nothing you can do on your XBox side, so my only suggestion is to PM ManteoMax and ask for assistance and reference to the right person at T10 to re-send it. He always helps, but have patience, they’re volunteers aiding T10. Best of luck mate, hope you get this solved.

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Best advise ever. Just contact and most importantly, have patience…

Thanks for all the help folks! I am patient, I just don’t want to miss out on this car because I actually earned it! I followed your suggestions so we’ll see what happens…

I’ve learnt that it’s not a bad idea to grab a screenshot with your mobile if you’ve won something, and use it as proof IF SOMETHING goes wrong.

Then if it all works out, just delete the image etc. it’s tacky I know, having to do such things. But if you look at it as a sort of insurance thing, then it makes sense etc. that way you can show the person concerned valid proof of the aquisition of the prize etc should something go wrong.

But late now of course, but just keep it in mind for future wins etc, just in case. One never knows when a system might freeze, crash, network have a failure etc. anyhow, just a thought… Trust it works out for you.

I havent recieved my gift car for week 1. Could there be a specific reason to this? And if so could I recieve it still?