Gift Car Bug

So I bought Ultimate Edition for XBO without really looking what’s included, the more cars – the merrier; I remember reading something about gift cars that I never saw until now. I checked my message center today and it turns out I have those 3 gift cars: 1 Series M Coupe, Viper GTS and a WRX STI. But I can’t find them neither in my garage, nor in barn finds (for some reason I thought they might be there if not in my garage). I considered this a bug since I did not find any special instructions on how to redeem your gift car. I hope it will be fixed, because right now I kinda feel ripped off.

I found it takes a day or so for them to come through. Check your in game messages they might be there.

Press A to select and download the Gift messages to transfer the cars to your My Cars group.

like all other forza games, you can find gift cars in your messages, press start. hit RB to the social tab, in the center there should be a “Messages” square, hit that and press RB to get to the “gifts” tab, there you can retrieve your gifts.