Ghosting in Free-Roam and Online Team Adventure

The Ghosting feature that was added in FH4 was a nice touch. However, the game developers messed up by putting the feature in the wrong part of the game.

I want Playground Games to switch the Ghosting feature from Free-Roam to Team Adventure. As of right now, Team Adventure is nothing but a cluster of Noobs and Griefers ramming into people either because they’re inexperienced or for fun. And Free-Roam is a bore-fest, because unlike the previous FH Games, you simply case through everyone.

And no, I don’t want to join a random convoy, just to bump into someone and drive away. There’s only so many times I can hit traffic AI before I get bored and switch off.

With the Ghosting OPTION in Team Adventure, races can be decided on skill, not foul play, and Free-Roam will return to its former glory, where people can properly communicate through actions, instead of words.

So, to summarize, remove Ghosting from Free-Roam, and give an option to Ghost in Team Adventure races. The minigames will remain the same.

I think that also they should remove ghosting from playground games.

I believe the Ghosting in Playground Games (the event, not the company) is so that if, when playing ‘King’, the crown isn’t taken from someone who had just claimed it.