Ghost Racer mod

i have used this mod several times with varying results. Either it does not last the full alloted time, mostly the 120.00 S one, or it last the whole race. Oh and it should give a warning as when it does expire and you are within several cars… you are thrown off the track :neutral_face:

Xbox and PC


Looking into this for you.


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Thank you. Have one left and tried it out multiple more times. Uncommon ghost racer mod…Susuki , Sonoma , and at Road America the mod either did not work ( only once) or it lasted 1 min 20 s or most of the time if near cars lasted the whole race. about all the info i have :neutral_face:

I just used the “Common” Ghost Racer mod at Bathurst in the Early Prototype Racers series and it didn’t even last a second, let alone the 60 seconds that it is supposed to.