GHOST PRG1977 (Fruitster) - Very small gallery!

Not much to show but this can be the gallery thread of any Forza cars I do from here -

Devil in the Details.

Drive (Think this is not the best car choice for this design looking at it now - may change it)

Hot Stuff :fire: :+1:

Looks amazing! Trying to figure out how you did the twists in the hair… haven’t used that brush.

Cheers both :slight_smile:

AquaPainter, to get the hair, I use these shapes to get the twists. The Community Vinyl’s 3 also has faded versions (4?) and I use those too. The community vinyl’s are new to me, but I found them pretty useful, and a big step up on what was there in the older Forza games.

I still don’t know what you did (I can’t make out what brush you used)… but it looks good… lol. It’s the twists made from vertical lines that I can’t figure out.

Hopefully this will show it a little better - with this hair I used the curved primitive shape a couple of times to get the curve in the hair for the top of the head - and then added on of the community vinyl twist shapes to get the flicks and curves. The three strands to the left is just to show how it builds up - it’s really all about the masking and using the gradient shapes to hide where the hair strands start. Hopefully the pic is big enough, but you should be able to see some of the various strands and how I use the gradient shapes and also some of the tears shapes to build the hair up and help with masking the strands.

I used to work the same way in Forza 2 to 4, but really only found the curved primitive shape with the gradients effective - whoever came up with the community vinyls 3 and 4, big cheers as they are great for hair like this.

It’s quite layer heavy initially, but you’ll be able to get rid of a lot of layers later when you’ve built the hair up - some layers you just won’t be able to see anymore and can get rid of them.

This hair is quite cartoon like in some ways, but doing this same thing would likely work for more realistic pictures too.

I can see those brushes, but not these…

Ah I forgot about those - those are in community vinyls 3 in column 7. I think there might be only four or five of them in the hair - not sure how effective they are just yet. With gradients they could be good shapes for hair.

I like them! I’ve never used those, because I couldn’t make out their shape in the Community Vinyl 3 display. They look different scaled up a bit.

Killing it again Paul!! Love your siberian work!! :fire::fire::mechanical_arm:

Cheers good sir :slight_smile: Meant to ask, have you finished Cyberpunk yet? Going for one more for the side and then calling it done.

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Finished after constant tweaking and adding stuff. Something I hadn’t realised with masking, is that you can delete the old layers after the masking - so reclaimed back literally hundreds of layers and was able to add more to the design.

I’ve put it on the storefront, the code for the car is 101 661 041. Note that the design is built around the Toyota Supra 98 with the Trial front bumper, Trial rear bumper, Trial skirts and Trial rear wing - (although the wing I think will be fine with other types) - so it needs those things to fit the design properly.

And a version for the 2016 Porsche GT3.

Looks absolutely amazing on the road, fantastic paint

Cheers very much, thanks for picking it up :slight_smile:

That is stunning Paul! And very you! Love it!

Snake’s comment was spot on, you’ve still got that unmistakable style - absolute quality! I’ll be using the Porsche in the next Series’ Forzathon that’s for sure :sunglasses:

I wouldn’t have imagined I’d see a Fruitster design on these forums again, never mind own one in game. It’s like going back in time… cheers for the trip down memory lane :grin:

Cheers both, and Dubh I know what you mean - funny to think the last time was 10 years ago, feels like a lifetime ago - especially with how 2020 and 2021 have been! Strange days these, but for me at least it’s given me back a bit more free time, hence the play around with the forza editor again :slight_smile: And even after all these years, within half an hour the editor felt familiar again - it’s far better than in the Forza 2 days though - 3000 layers is a massive difference, and the masking ability is a great addition.

It’s been fun to do this again, it likely won’t happen often but I hope to crank out another design or two through the year. Hoping that the old movie’s competition might pop up again as there’s a design i’ve always wanted to do that would be good for that.

Happy to see both you and Snake still cranking out the great designs -

Nice to see you back painting again

Here’s another familiar face :slight_smile: Cheers fella, hope you’re doing good.

There’s a few of us familiar faces still kicking… glad to have you back.