Ghost mode, Bumper cam and car selection timer

We are the cars not fully ghosted in ghost mode? I use the bumper cam and when someone passes through you, you cannot see a thing. Also why do we only get 30 seconds to pick a car? They are in a random order and even with favorites it is not enough time. Is 1 minute so much to ask for or here is a thought, put the cars in manufacturer order. We vote longer, this is dumb

You can sort them by manufacturer by pressing X then scrolling to manufacturer, and I suspect the time limitation is so you don’t hog the server events as only one can be run at a time.

We need more types of favourites. I wish I could put my offroaders separate from asphalt demons, separate from rally monsters.

Should be 30 secs to vote next race and 60 secs to pick a car.