Ghost Cars in Auction House

Hi Guys and Girls

I just have a quick question

I have had an issue with my PC of late and had to reformat it etc and lost my local save data and having to start my Horizon 4 play from scratch again.

Anyway when i had the issue i had live car auctions going

since i started again i notice that those live auctions are still in my auction house in my new game. I understand i cant reclaim them myself as they are linked to my old save file which is fine and i can’t delete them but my question is if there is a method that i can get rid of them from showing in my auction house or is the best solution to email and ask them if they can remove them from my gamertag and their servers for me or is there someone else i should contact for this



That email you posted doesnt get used any more

ok thanks i have seen that website before :slight_smile:

idoes anyone know how to contact them or raise a support ticket with them from that site as i cant see anywhere how to do it ?

no need i found the submit ticket on the general page :slight_smile: and have done that