Getting weird graphical artifacts after playing for a little while, possibly a memory leak issue

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Look at the trees for what I mean, it’s not exclusive to trees, it’s very common to happen on asphalt/tarmac, cacti, bushes, etc… It only happens after playing for at least 30 minutes and it just gets worse the longer I play. It’s been happening since I started playing november 5th and I think it’s related to some kind of memory leak that the game has. For starters I’ve got 8Gb of VRAM (RTX 2080 Super) but the game only detects 7Gb for some reason, at the start it gives me a warning saying it’s using around 7.8Gb in total but after a while it starts increasing to almost 9Gb and the issues start happening. These artifacts do not happen in any other game, only FH5. I could use some help.

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Same problem with rtx 3060ti.

The game detects 7gb vram on me too.

I get them too on a rx6800 with 16gb vram…


turn down some gfx settings!

the game ran for about 10 minutes for me on the first run and i got a message saying it used to much ram and then the street looked liked liquid chrome.
i shut down the game and restarted it and lowered a couple settings … no big deal and the game still looks great and runs fine.

rtx2060 8gig of ram

Same here, tried with low preset to extreme preset. On the extreme preset I get 80 fps @ 3440*1440 on RTX 2080.

At some point the game uses around 13GB of memory and the game itself starts giving streaming bandwidth issues.

Would like to see this fixed, I can’t play for more than 4 or 5 hours till I get to restart.

Post hotfix update:

It’s even worse now, less than 5 minutes playing and the textures are already messing up. I really hope you guys are aware of this.