Getting Stuck On Loading Screen After Races.

Evening folks.

Not my own problem but a friend of mine.

I’ve had the odd issue with Forza 5 kicking me back to the dashboard but a friend of mine over the last few days ( happened about 4 times so far ) when he finishes a race, happened on a few different championships the game has just stuck on the “Loading, Please Wait” screen. The only thing he can do, is quit the game and start again.

He has hard rebooted the Xbox One but it still has happened since.

I just wanted to ask if this is a known/common issue and if there was a fix or it’s just a case of something he has to put up with.

The only other option I thought of was for him to delete then re-install, again though if it’s a known/common problem then he’ll just carry on as is.

Many thanks.

I’d just like to say I’m having this same issue.

I try test driving cars I’ve recently painted and when I try to restart the race due to crashing or something my Forza game gets stuck on the Loading Screen as well. This last time my Xbox One didn’t return me to the home screen, the whole system shut off on its own. It’s happened quite a few times. Same type of issue as you describe above.

I’m actually having the same exact issue as you SAKE GFS right now.

I just finished upgrading and painting my car and I was test driving it on the Test Track Airfield then once I crashed, I tried restarting and am now currently stuck in the loading screen.

I’ve been having a similar problem with Forza 4

I’m just now having this issue with Forza 5, go to transition to a race and it does there on the loading screen for it. Have hard reboot my console many times, fixes for one race, and when moved my game install back to the internal hard drive. Am in the process of reinstalling now to see if that fixes this issue.