Getting sick and fed up of my game already!

Iv had my game from the 15th when it come out and all iv played online is bout 3hrs you guys need to fix up and sort this out even if u make cars invisible when cars get close to other it’s getting past a joke I feel you have robbed me of my money ones again iv played forza from day one when u guys come out even moved from ps to Xbox just cuz I like driving with clutch but ur not bothered bout ur gamers just ur money that’s it ur a joke and don’t really care if u ban me not like I can play online anyways p.s t10 ur a joke!!!

That is one long sentence (so maybe you are a joke?). Can’t help you I don’t play online, don’t see a need for it. Career is very good.

I don’t think I understand what the issue is. If you tried to construct a post with proper sentences it might make it easier to understand.


Punctuation. Grammar. Spelling. These are things that will help people understand your point or at the very least will make it more likely that they will finish reading your comment. What you posted is practically unreadable. Maybe there is a valid point in there, but it’s nearly impossible to decipher.


you serious clark?

I did see that somewhere in that mess of words that he is insinuating that he would like to be banned. Is anyone opposed to this?

Thank you for your feedback.

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