Getting into now.

I’ve played all the Forza games and loved the lot Forza 4 being my favourite, even enjoyed horizon and looking forward to two but never got into Forza 5.

Until now, had the game since release played for a couple of weeks and gave up since then both my xbox one and my copy of Forza have been collecting dust.

But a friend told me a few weeks back that a update was issued improving the AI/Drivatars ( my biggest gripe) so I thought I’d fire it back up again and I’ve not looked back, I’ve really got into it again.

I now except the game for what it is and not for what I was hoping or expecting it to be and thanks to all these updates from T10 my enjoyment has been re ignited.

So big thanks to T10 not only for the free stuff but also for the little things that make a big difference to players like me, the drivatar calming for instance this has made a massive difference to me and many others I would guess.

I still see and read many negative threads and posts on here relating to the game many based on high expectations from the start but seldom do I read any appreciation for T10 in there pursuit for gaining happy players which is a shame, ok it’s in T10’s best interests to maintain there games especially with hot competition coming up but for me forza will always have a place in my games rack and not just because of the enjoyment I get for my money but also because I know as a development team regardless of what many say and think they do try to keep everyone happy a thankless and neigh on impossible task at times.

Glad to hear that people are coming back to give it another chance, I think this franchise deserves it. There are still important features missing which i’m not gonna list again, it has all been brought up on this forum countless times, and sometimes i’m still struggling to understand why some of these features have been left out and not re implemented, even though they were in earlier iterations and had an high acceptance by the community, but still…i spend so many hours with FM5 already and got so much joy out of it, i don’t regret the money i already spent on it (DLC’s) at all.

And T10 is still adding content and improving the game itself, while they are already working on FM6. Surely, they could add more features/bugfixes per content update, but as experience tells, the more stuff you fix in an update, the higher the chances that something else gets messed up that was working fine before.

So yeah, kudos to T10, they are still way better than many developers out there, and in my 30 years of gaming experience I’ve seen countless examples of bad game development, dozens of games with showstopper bugs that have never been addressed and left the game being unplayable at all.

And just recently we have seen some major improvements in regards to Drivatars and FF wheel support (improved with the most recent update), so they still care about their current baby, and will continue to do so (i trust) till Forza 6 appears on the Horizon (pun intended). And i’m certainly sure that FM6 will be the best Forza we have ever seen, T10 knows that they have to step it up after the first nextGen appearance of the series.

Now if just the MP servers would be more stable as they are currently (wink wink) :wink:

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