Getting Eliminator messages months after achievement

Get this player a medal for being such a GOD in Eliminator!!

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I will be impressed the day someone posts a video of them winning eliminator driving backwards against a non empty lobby.

Never happened in my 52 years of playing the eliminator in horizon 5

Anything where we have to hear Jaimin talk should be classed as a bug, or at least aural assault.

Never even tried Eliminator but this one guy just couldn’t shut up about how good I’m at Eliminator. Was very distracting and annoying.

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Technically you’re unbeaten at Eliminator so I would rave on about how good you are.

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I haven’t heard a peep out of him about Eliminator this season. Either they fixed it, or… more likely… I’ve run through the full list of his chat about Eliminator so it’s done. YAY !

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ugh… after a week of silence from the nattering on about eliminator he’s baaack…

Just did the daily and got praised for my awesomeness at the eliminator.


I mean I did just bungle myself into 2nd place in an Eliminator by rolling my car multiple times off a bump and getting stuck on a slope, so clearly Jaimin recognizes game.

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I got a message that there a reports of a player moving like a cat… just out of the blue???

I seriously think that somebody has hacked the game.

I just wish they would give the rewards for winning the eliminator as well as telling me I have won it.


So I played the eliminator because of that challenge. Now I’m not getting the messages. Could be they are trying to push it. I hate the thing. But I figured out, if you stay hidden until the players count is down to single digits then get eliminated (that’s why I hate it I always get eliminated) you get a really good score.

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When you get your head around how Eliminator works it’s probably (in my opinion) the most engaging game play in Horizon 5. I’m on 61 wins so far. I know of others with more wins.

Well according to some the eliminator is full of cheaters, in fact there is a whole thread dedicated to it, so it doesn’t exactly appear fun and engaging to me, I too only do it when the season challenges require it and then you only have to find somewhere to hide and wait until the player count gets to 30 or below then just sit it out until you either get challenged or the arena shrinks and you get eliminated, doesn’t actually require any effort apart from finding somewhere to hide which can be done more or less in freeroam before you start the session.