Getting Eliminator messages months after achievement

For the last 2 days I’ve had voice messages from Jay about completing 6 Eliminator wins yesterday and 7 Eliminator wins today. Problem is I did these months ago. I’m currently sitting on 60 wins. Just finding it weird to be getting them now. Almost as though there was a bug back then and I didn’t get the messages, now the game is catching up with itself.

Obviously not a big deal as it doesn’t affect anything.


Yep, same here.


Its been going on for a while - they can’t seem to sync the right message to the event.
Wouldn’t worry about it though. Doesn’t affect any of your achievements.
Well Done on the wins though - wish I could do that ! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I just get messages about anything. I was just told that I’m the leader of a convoy, and I need to set a Map Target point. I didn’t even start a convoy???

As above - they’ve just messed up the messages. Won’t affect your stuff.

I’ve never even won the Eliminator because I just don’t play it, and I’ve been getting messages about Eliminator wins. The last time I touched the mode was months ago!

Same here, getting the eliminator messages and I don’t even play it. Just more fine programming from the crew at pgg. :cowboy_hat_face: hats off to those folks. Fine job yes siree! Yes sir!

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I get the eliminator message to say I have won it or whatever, so I am actually thinking of submitting a ticket to say I haven’t got the rewards for winning it. :rofl:

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I have reported this bug, with T10 initially sending me the boilerplate request for video evidence. After explaining things a bit further I got the boilerplate for them having logged the bug.

It’s a bit funny that Jay is pestering me about my epicness in The Eliminator, given that I’ve only won it once and that was during the Great Eliminator Invisibility Plague where sometimes everybody won.

I’ve never won and he said I’d won 6 today :+1:

Thanks for reporting the bug.

I keep hearing eliminator messages constantly, its driving me up the wall.

Would stop playing the eliminator solve this?


…hmm, and after typing that, I wonder, maybe they’re trying to bump Eliminator play by dropping hints everywhere else in the game :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve never once tried eliminator and now Jay thinks I’ve got twelve wins under my belt. I had gotten messages from him when I won races. I had gotten messages when I completed daily challenges. I don’t know what’s going on but I think this all began with the series 7 update.

If Jay wants to give me something eliminator-related for nothing then how about some accolades which I have zero desire to pursue?


He said something about not wanting to see my purple dome… not sure what he meant by that?

oh well, I just will keep playing it then

Same here. It’s totally random too. 3 star a danger sign, and Jay’s like “I think you’re enjoying Eliminating people a little too much!” Win the trial, and “You’re an Eliminator master!”

Side note, I also got an accolade for winning the Trial a few days ago, and Haley was all excited. I first won the Trial in December of 2021

From memory this is bug number: 38272383858893909982892999938383838389900000938383992938389393829384783902984738299298472828385779009983728493838

It’s not that unusual either given there’s a bug out there where players can sometimes unlock the Ultimate edition without paying a dime.

what on earth!?!

It’s pretty cool ! If I understood Jay’s last call I’ve now won the Eliminator 12 times this week ! All without playing a single round of it since I can’t recall when. I never imagined it could be this easy. I’m an Eliminator GOD !