Getting Corvettes removed from the game

Banned twice for same vinyl even tho I deleted after first ban was lifted.

I work for GM and have many friends in product management who happen to play Forza as well. They will be in contact with Harlan Charles (Corvette lead product manager). They will try to get me in contact with MS/T10/playground directly soon. I’m requesting Corvettes be pulled.

So when you see Corvettes are removed you can thank me…
The guy who builds them!!!

Shut up and accept your ban. You’re no-one and you won’t do anything.


I got a 5 day ban and when it was lifted I was banned again for same vinyl even though I deleted the content. Thats BS and you’re an idiot.

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I’m blaming you when Corvettes are lifted from FH5… it’s your fault. I know who did it, it was that guy who had his design pulled from the game… ApexWolf117. he had it pulled twice, he got so mad, and contacted the bigwig of Corvette Motors… if only they left the design alone, and didn’t ban him. ohh nooooo…

just… lol. Some people think they live in a different universe…

What exactly WAS the vinyl in question?

I’ll alert Licensing.

Please share the Forza Enforcement Guidelines with your team so they understand they’re cancelling a licensing agreement over a case of profanity.