Getting banned/kicked from ranked adventure

If im playing an adventure ill get kicked for seemingly no reason only to hear that i have a barn find ready at the festival, i don’t know if that’s causing me to be kicked or what but its causing me to get banned from ranked. Also i keep getting banned after completing a ranked adventure. ill sit through the final screen showing the cash, influence and all the other stuff, get returned to free roam and when i go to re-queue for ranked it tells me that ive been banned for quitting a ranked adventure. at first it was for only 10 minutes but now its at 25 minutes. Am i going to get permanently banned if it keeps doing this? if so what can i do to fix it.


Probably the only thing you can do is to write a ticket to support to take off all bans from you and wait for fix.

I have the exact same thing


I’ve been getting banned multiple times as well. I have also been having issues with the game disconnecting me whenever I get into a race and it tells me that I quit and therefore deserve a ban. They need to make it so that if you get disconnected, you can rejoin your ranked match because it’s stupid to get kicked from the game and then banned for something that you had no control over. My internet is running perfectly with every other game also so that is not the problem for the disconnections.




Same here, I was able to play ranked without any problem yesterday but cannot play right now because of continuity banning for non-existent disconnections. Pls investigate and fix it.


I currently have a ticket in for the issue of being banned after finishing a game.
I however have experiences bans from trying to group queue, solo queue, team queue, winning and completing games. Its a mess.

I also keep getting banned for disconnecting then when I click join ranked adventure it bans me and says it’s because I quit early.

Get the same messages and got banned like the 5th time. I dont know why the player can’t cancel the matchmaking. I must wait for a ban or i quit the game and get a ban immediately. Should be solved too.

I must click on the search button several time that the game will really search for a match or even an online session. Maybe theres a connection between the those two probs.

Same here, I get all my rewards back to free roam try to go back in, says banned for quitting early, been banned for 20 mins or so 3/4 times now, even permanently once which subsequently disappeared. Tis all very strange. Also after every ranked adventure I have to reconnect to horizon life. Very annoying

I’m also having this problem. I just finished a championship, then I go to play another round, and I find out that I’ve been banned. Earlier I went to go play after 6 hours and it says I recently left a match and was then banned.

I’ve also just been “banned” for a “disconnect”…which apparently didn’t happen as I was accepted but it never started.

I’m sorry playground, but it’s not the customer’s fault that your servers don’t work properly.

My internet is just fine…again. Forza 7 doesn’t seem to have a problem:

I certainly hope there’s another way to get those prizes in ranked online racing, or you’re going to have a lot of ticked off customers.

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30 minutes later and I still can’t get back into ranked online adventure. It’s says “you’ve already started an adventure. You have to wait until it’s finished”

I never had a chance to start it in the first place. What the heck is going on? I’d would like acces to this feature please.

How do you start a ticket for this? I’ve never had to before.

Yeah i have the same problem i just started my first ranked adventure and after getting rewards i Get sent to Freeroam to find out that i have been banned for quitting early

Same here i have a problem with this too

Same here this is horrible and it takes forever to find a ranked match so I get booted from one and I get banned … playground fix your game I did not pay for the ultimate edition to get banned from ranked play after waiting 45 minutes to find a match .

Same thing here, wait forever to get in a match. Then I get disconnected during loading… banned. I’ve been banned for an hour and still waiting to play. Brutal after paying 150 dollars.

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Man it is a piece of garbage.
Longest waiting on earth and after you find out that someone did not join out of 12, you loose your skill chain of 500000 which you made by waiting 5 minutes for this nightmare.
Someone of course quit your team after start.
You will come first and loose 90 rank points because cripples come last.
Every time you wait like 2 minutes between races.
Who will win? the one with most crashes…got over 100 crashes max and 40 in average in statistics.
After you loose your 90 rank points because you came first every race,[Mod Edit] banned for one hour because you are the one who finished fairly one hour of racing with idiots.

Only mentally ubstable person could make idea like this one.
I bought xbox gold because of it, spent my $$ and then I had to buy a new controller as my limited edition one was thrown through window.
Also had to buy bew TV as my TV remote made a big hole in it and it fell on my laptop for 1000$.

Understand what I mean? This is nerve stressing piece of crap where I wanted to bevome grandmaster for all prizes but as I see you have to spend like 500 races with cripples to become grandmaster…thats like 400 hours (only in race and loading) you have to spend this season which ends in 20 days.