Gentle Reminder v7.0

So, here we find ourselves again, eagerly anticipating the next iteration of the Forza Motorsport franchise. Lots of new information coming fast and furious already and a great deal of early interest. All indications are that it’s shaping up to be a great game and there’s a new console in the bargain as well.

Along with the anticipation, we’ll soon be seeing an increasing influx of people new to Forza, new to XBox, new to forums and just generally new. They’ll have lots of questions and some of those questions might appear to be a bit, well, redundant. They’ll have lots of very wrong ideas, like the notion that drifting is somehow a legitimate form of motorsport and not the automotive equivalent of synchronized swimming, minus the tight-fitting and revealing bathing suits that are its only redeeming quality. They’ll be new to engaging with and participating in an online community or even, in some extreme cases, human beings that exist in reality instead of their fever dreams. They’ll be all sorts of people, with all sorts of viewpoints and all sorts of questions.

We will welcome them with open arms. We will listen to their concerns, show empathy and help guide them into becoming the valued community members hidden within each of them. We’ll share our expertise and the lessons learned from years of Forza and We’ll celebrate with them in triumph, commiserate with them in moments of disappointment and count them among our brothers and sisters.

Unless they think drifting is a legitimate form of motorsport, in which case you guys will need to sort them out without my assistance.

Be nice, be friendly, be helpful.

Or I tell Dragnet.


That is one silver tongued moderator. You do have a way with words. Well said!

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Oh God no not Dragnet! I’ll do anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, play nice everyone.

If somebody asks what you think is a “stupid” or “selfish” question, don’t blast them for it. Educate and enlighten them while sticking to the facts.

Words to live by throughout the whole forum to be fair, not just where the newbies reside :wink:

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Hey! I’ll have absolutely no problem in welcoming speedo clad strangers and girls with rubber hats and pruned fingers all asking stupid questions. Sounds like business as usual anyway.

To help keep things civil anything to do with drifting shouldn’t be posted here. Don’t we have a Forum 101 for that kind of malarkey?

ive been away for a couple years but its nice to see youre still around Hieronymus. its nice to see some things never change :slight_smile:

Well put as always Hiero.

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