General think abouts, Forza 7

Hello Forza Team,

i try to be positiv… Is nice to hear the news about Forza 7. You have now a Time and Weather System like the other ones from UK. And Marple Valley comes back to Forza that sounds nice. But i was and be very dissapointed about the past with Forza 6. I work hard for my Money as Truck driver and my Wife is Body handicapt for her life time. The little bit free Time i want to have fun with Games on my XBox 360 or my XBox one… I have make a pre order of Forza 6 , you have said 23 Drivatars online. That was a lie . I have made some request`s until you have make your Update where the Player can drive in the Groups like in the Season Mode. I have use, my short time, to make you know about trouble inside the Game and for what ? I can not drive with the Formula Mazda Formula in one Group with the same Cars against the CPU until now , i can not use my Race Truck against other Race Trucks until now. Until now the trouble with the Race design Option still exist. If the Player use this option or not in Single Player Races the Cars are allways without a Race design… You have NOT FIXED ONE OF THIS PROBLEMS until 06/13/2017. Why did I believe that you had some of it fixed in Forza 7? But if you fix it, why not already in Forza 6. Where for people like me have paid a lot of money. In the end, this is not about innovations but about regular requirements.

At last its for sure , i do not pre order a Game from Microssoft Turn 10 again. Why ? watch my Text top…

At the End of this Year 2 new Title come out for XBox One ; Forza Motorsport 7 and Project Cars 2. For sure is that i order Project Cars 2. Whether or not I buy Forza 7, is first of all to Microsoft Turn 10. Will I be able to drive only single races where I can not even choose which opponents I drive? Race Truck against Audi and BMW in Group B? If it’s still going to be like in Forza 6 then I’d rather go to Project Cars 2 on race weekends with qualifing and racing with just 170 different vehicles and do not have to annoy me about the things that have bothered me massively on Forza 6 … And which have not yet been amended. One thing has to be clear, the competition of Turn 10 also has, time and weather change, and have accumulated experience for quite some time.

If I buy something then I want that I am not lied. Whether at Volkswagen or at Microsoft Turn 10. I would like it to meet my expectations and that should be feasible without spending money again for new games or extensions.

Best regards , Michael