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GEEZERS IN ARMS GAMING (25+ older only)

We are a community of mature gamers 25+ older and our objective is to have a place to go where you don’t need to deal with kids while enjoying your video game hobby.

In GIA it’s all about having fun, using teamwork and enjoying the experience of gaming together. We play on many different platforms: XBox 360, XBox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, etc… We also cover diverse game genres like RTS, FPS, MMO, etc…

Our members are from all over the world including North America, Asia, South America and Europe. We cover most of the time zones. We have our own TeamSpeak 3 chat server.

Steps to join our Mature Gaming Community:

  1. You need to create an account HERE
  2. You must be 25 or older
  3. You must be willing to adhere to our member guidelines found below.
  4. You must be active on the forums. The best way to stayed connected to the community is through your forum participation.
  5. If you have a Steam account, Be sure to check out the GIA Steam group. It’s another great way to see what other members are up to. Geezers In Arms Gaming on Steam
  6. Make a new post in the My Name Is… sub-forum thread and introduce yourself.

Our Guidelines:

  1. The number one rule of the Geezers In Arms Gaming is that we are here to have fun.
  2. We will treat each other with respect.
  3. Moderate profanity is allowed, but we won’t tolerate any hate speak or sexual harassment. Excessive use of profanity or hate speak/sexual harassment will lead to immediate removal.
  4. No hacking/cheating is allowed under any circumstance.
  5. No one will be excluded based upon gender or race. Only your attitude and actions will exclude you.
  6. Gossip will not be tolerated in this community, this will lead to automatic removal from the community.
  7. Violation of any guidelines could lead to removal or suspension from the site based upon staff review.

Get ready to have some fun!!
Geezers In Arms Gaming
Getting Older doesn’t mean it’s GAME OVER
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This is a great group! We have a car club in every version of Forza (including FH2). Geezers in Arms [GIA]. We have over 1,000 members that play all kinds of games across PC, Xbox, and PS4. If you like it, we probably play it.

Follow BlakJak’s instructions to join the community then get added to the car club. See you online!


Any main car/truck focus or vehicle prejudices in this group? I like almost everything but am a 40+ year old muscle car lover at heart. Most common time’s for events? I’ll go check the forum but asking here now as well.

Nothing really like that. In the past on games like Forza 4 and 5, we’d have weekly races with class and setup restrictions. Then after the race we’d get in whatever and have some fun racing. If we have a scheduled event we try to accommodate everyone in the various time zones, but typically they would be Friday or Saturday night around 8PM Eastern.

Look forward to seeing you on our forums!

I think I’ll look for a club that doesn’t require a seven step process for permission.

Respect your decision. It’s really just a process of registering on the site and agreeing to the terms and introducing yourself to the group. We’re an active community that plays lots of games and we want to know a little about you :wink: