Gearing Help

Hi tuners;

I’m not the best at gearing, so I’m looking for some help setting up the optimal gearing for this car and set up.
Car- Chevrolet #4 Corvette Racing ZR1
Upgrades-315/30R18 Front tires
345/35R18 Rear tires
no rims
race driveline
race brakes
NO RESTRICTOR PLATE upgrades(this is a spec built car)
PI 814
Track- Catalunya GP

Thanks in advance for the help!

Everyone (including me) will tell you that gearing depends on the track.
But here are a few links to get you going.


Hey kitty,
I stated that it is for cat gp, but i really appreciate the other stuff. Thanks!

Sorry, I missed that.
The most I can help is the post above. :confused:

The default gearing (3.00//2.65/2.06/1.63/1.38/1.12/0.93) is actually a very good start if you stick to 5-gears, with the exception of 3rd on a couple of turns. Try this set out and let me know what you think…

3.00 // 2.65 / 2.10 / 1.45 / 1.25 / 1.10 / n/a

170-172 mph at straightaway. Good luck!


If you want to just use 4 gears, try…

3.00 // 2.65 / 1.88 / 1.45 / 1.10 / na / na


Relaxed: THANKYOU!!!
I will be busy this weekend, but i’ll put some time in and see what I can do and then get back to you.


By the way, if you’d prefer to use 6-gears, jut let me know and I’ll get a setup for that.

Please provide me with your fdbk and we can perform some trial-and-error to best suit your needs.


Hey relaxed,

I took your 5 speed and made it into a great 6 speed, which shaved half a second off of my lap times. I really appreciate the starting numbers that you provided, they gave me a great springboard!

Great, glad this worked out for you.